As women in a masculine world, all of us have become disconnected to some degree from our womb, our yoni, and our feminine nature.

The wounds are deeper for some than for others, but they are there.

And that's why on the August 26th full moon, we met in virtual circle to meditate in the energy of the Worldwide Womb Blessing and the Earth-Yoni Blessing. 

This is a powerful transmission of Sacred Feminine energy. It's channelled by Miranda Gray to hundreds of thousands of women around the world, all of us focused together on awakening feminine energy and healing our Earth.

In this virtual full moon circle, you will:

  • Connect heart and womb with the Womb Blessing Meditation guided visualization
  • Heal heart and yoni as we meditate on this beautiful centre of our female spirituality, creativity, and sexuality
  • Harness the energy of this Full Moon to ask: How can I call sacred feminine wisdom into my heart, my womb, my yoni, and my day-to-day life?

Here is a checklist of what to have ready as you watch the video so you can get the full experience:

  • 2 bowls to be your Womb Bowls, one for water and one to place a candle in
  • A tea candle to light and place in the second bowl if safe to do so
  • Drinking water to be placed in the other bowl
  • A comfortable place to sit
  • A shawl
  • Something nice to eat afterward
  • A pen and paper to journal

And if you know you need deeper healing for your female soul–whether to help you conceive or to heal your relationship with your feminine self–I'm currently offering personal Womb Blessing at a discount.

While the Worldwide Womb Blessing is a group meditation, a personal Womb Blessing is a personal healing experience: a one-on-one healing sequence focused on your specific wounds, needs, and desires, and on healing your own relationship with your female body, female soul, and the Divine Feminine.


And to meditate along with the full moon meditation, just click the video below: