Why would you want to heal your womb?

I asked that question to Adrianna (her name has been changed for anonymity), who recently booked a Womb Blessing with me.

Her story might surprise you because it’s a topic we don’t often talk about: womb trauma.

You see, before Adrianna was born, while she was still a baby developing in her mother’s womb, her father died.

Adrianna booked a Womb Blessing thinking…

“…I would somehow be able to heal that pain. I don’t know if it’s too abstract a connection, but a lot of the healers I’ve been to say things like it was not my pain but my mother’s [pain] and it’s always located in the womb area; whatever it is, I feel like it’s always on my mind as a perspective of how I’m living life, and I kind of feel stuck by that feeling of loss and sadness.”

This is what Miranda Gray calls a traumatic life event that disconnects you from your female soul.

And that trauma can manifest in painful sex, difficult menstruation, and especially in shame around what it means to be in a woman’s body.

Shameful: this is how many women experience their bodies. Particularly sexual shame.

About her reasons for booking a Womb Blessing, Adrianna goes on to say:

“Also a general feeling of shame when it comes to sex and pleasure and self-expression which is why I thought this might again help me change my perspective.”

What about you?

You may not have had a name for it, but whether or not you experienced womb trauma like Adrianna, if you’re a woman, you’ve almost definitely felt this.

Shame around your female body.

Centuries’ worth of shame.

Shame that has left your womb disconnected from your female souls.

Our wombs are about more than fertility. They’re at the very essence of what it is to be female.

But it also is not suprising to me that after centuries of disconnection, denigration, and shame, we’re now facing a crisis of infertility. 

I want every woman in the world to experience the healing that comes from calling your female soul back to your womb.

Your womb power is your superpower … and it’s also your birthright as a woman.

Reclaiming this birthright is essential to you as a woman no matter who you are or what you want to birth or become. 

And if you’re trying to conceive, it may well be your missing piece.

I’ve put Womb Blessings and long-distance Womb Energizers on sale for just a few days. 

If you choose to receive a personal Womb Blessing, here are just a few of the benefits…

When you heal your relationship with your Divine Feminine through a Womb Blessing Ceremony, you will:

  • Begin to harness your womb power as the source of your creative ability and your own personal navigation system for your life
  • Stop feeling betrayed by your body
  • Feel at peace with your own sensual femininity (not ashamed)
  • Feel empowered by your cyclical energies and know how to use them for connecting with your partner, being more productive, feeling healthy and energized as a woman, and for baby-making (if you want to)

Wherever you are in the world, I want you to know the Womb Blessing energies can flow to you.

You can start healing your relationship with your womb as early as tomorrow.