You may have started your fertility journey with the same work-hard attitude society says will guarantee success. Understandably, we apply this work-hard attitude to getting pregnant, only to find out there is an unexplained problem that can’t be named.

So in an attempt to take control of the situation, you zero-in on ovulation with your basal body thermometer and your pee strips in hand, trying to get the timing perfect.

That’s when sex starts to feel like one more thing you have to chase your partner for and schedule into the calendar.

Your fertility journey can take many twists and turns before you realize there is something deeper going on. Something that can’t be detected by ultrasounds, blood draws, hormone tests and follicle counts. Something that can’t be fixed by timing intercourse or taking all the right supplements. But requires you to go deeper.

So how do we traverse to the depths where the healing power of the feminine resides? How do we reconnect with our feminine nature?

It’s time you discover the source of your creative energy through the feminine super powers.

Power #1 The Archetypes

It’s actually 4 in one. If you’ve had tunnel vision focused on ovulation, it is likely that you’ve been cut off from the precious interplay of all four phases of your menstrual cycle and their holistic role in your reproductive health. Without this balanced understanding of your body and your cycles, you’re missing essential information about fertility.

Several studies have indicated that excessive focus on the goal of having a child may result in premature maturation of the eggs in the ovary and subsequent release of eggs that are not ready for fertilization.

Take the pressure off ovulation and embrace your entire cycle: The Maiden, Mother, Enchantress and the Wise Woman-these four archetypes give you a complete experience of your feminine superpowers.

If you are not fully acquainted with the other feminine archetypes, and how each expresses its unique power, In my brand new Moon Goddess eWorkbook I have distilled it down in a way that’s easy to follow and easy to start playing with.

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Power #2 Lunar Energy 

All of us, men and women alike, have both feminine and masculine energy. I am not referring to gender here. The feminine is the lunar energy of spirit and the masculine is the solar energy of matter.

Solar energy is hot, aggressive, tense, and competitive while lunar energy is calm, fluid, soft, and receptive. It’s the balance of the two that’s important, especially for women who are trying to conceive.

When we “man up” as women, we become overly identified with the “yang” or active masculine. As a result we get burned out and cut ourselves off from the spacious, healing force of the feminine.

As a woman trying to conceive it is important to allow your lunar energy power to rise. This balances the heat of the solar energy we’re accustomed to ‘getting things done’ in society with the coolness of the lunar energy that allows us to rest and restore. Becoming comfortable with relaxing into your lunar, yin traits without guilt or shame may feel foreign.

That’s why working with the feminine body and hormonal cycles with my #1 Moon Goddess Yoga for fertility practice will gently guide you to align with your feminine energy power source. 

The unwavering strength of your feminine energy will arise and manifest itself in outer grace. Your glow will be mysterious and undeniable.

Power #3 Conception Arises Through Spaciousness and Peace

The mystical is a quality of the feminine intuitive domain.

Opening your body to the miracle of conception is not an act of doing; it is an act of softening, allowing and receiving. Spaciousness is a state of being that allows the intuitive power of the feminine to guide your deepening relationship with your womb cycle and female anatomy.

I’ve seen many women become pregnant once they commit to healing themselves at the deepest levels.

How do we create spaciousness in order to traverse into the depths? How do you find peace of mind when you feel like you’re running a race against time?

By meditating.

Meditation is central to healing infertility. Specifically, meditation stimulates the pineal gland. This gland produces several hormones, two of which are serotonin (necessary for libido and well-being) and melatonin (another hormone connected with feelings of deep relaxation, sleep and well-being), which in turn stimulate the pituitary gland.

From a yogic perspective, the pituitary gland also regulates a woman’s mental and emotional health and outlook on life, which as we know through the extensive mind-body research on fertility is integral to her chances of conceiving.

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The more we know about our bodies and the more we love all aspects of our femininity, the more empowered we are as women.  

Power # 4 Healing Through Release and Allowing

Healing is a necessary part of the fertility journey. 

Acknowledging and grieving the loss of miscarriage (or a fertility cycle that did not result in pregnancy) is an essential step before trying to get pregnant again. Yes, it hurts to feel the pain. But if we try to skip over it, that pain accumulates and hardens in our hearts and wombs and can manifest as fear, stress and worry: all known factors for inhibiting conception.

Your fertility relies on a clear pathway of energy between your heart and your womb.

Clearing that path with a fertility enhancing yoga and meditation practice like my signature practice Moon Goddess is the fastest, most direct path I know of to healing your feminine energy and restoring your fertility.

Yoga and meditation is like prayer. Surrender all the pain, sadness, disappointment to the practice, and let it heal you.

Power # 5 Flow

It is no mystery that menstrual cycles are still considered “dirty and disgusting” leading women to unconsciously disconnect with their body and their femininity. If we reject our natural cycles, how can we nurture ourselves? 

In essence our female body mirrors all the rhythms of the natural world. Like we experience during the changing seasons, there is a natural rhythm of slowing down and turning inward in the fall and winter months, and an equally natural excitement and outward expansion during the spring and summertime.

Kundalini energy itself is feminine in nature, and is often referred to as Mata Shakti, the feminine Mother energy of creation.

What I’ve developed is a yoga practice that combines the healing and regenerative effects of Kundalini practice combined with the strengthening and restorative effects of Hatha yoga to create my signature practice called Moon Goddess Yoga & Meditation.

The Kundalini optimizes function of the pituitary gland and sets the hormonal rhythm, while the Hatha yoga postures focus on strengthening the ovaries and uterus, releasing pelvic stress and tension, and enhancing blood flow.

By paying attention to nature’s cycle and synchronizing your Kundalini Yoga practices with the moon and the seasons and your own menstrual cycle, you are rewiring your connection with the feminine. This will allow the nourishing support from the Divine Feminine to arise within you.



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You’ll experience your greatest power – on and off the mat – when you return to the magic of the feminine.