This month’s Worldwide Womb Blessing is about stepping into an oasis of female energy.

The Full Flower Moon invites us to open to the full expression of the feminine, including the richness of our sexuality. And because this moon falls just before Mother’s Day, this month’s meditations are also focused on healing the Mother archetype.

So many of you in our Yoga Goddess community are healing: healing fertility, healing periods, healing your relationship to your sexuality and your femininity. 

For many of us, this means healing deep patterns of trauma, abuse, disconnection, denial — all related to the feminine, to our sexuality, and to ideas of womanhood that have been modelled to us. 

Your fertility journey (if you’re trying to conceive) and the way you relate to your sexuality and femininity (whether or not you’re trying to conceive) can all be affected by your relationship with the mother energy, by your experience of being mothered, and by your unresolved issues with your mother.

This has been a big theme for me in my personal healing journey. 

For years I couldn’t understand why my nervous system never felt quite settled, why I could never be fully relaxed, and why I felt a strong discomfort every time I was around my family. 

I couldn’t relate to friends who felt comfort from their mothers. My mother and I had never had that kind of relationship. 

I spent years seeking out all kinds of healing modalities. It wasn’t until, through psychotherapy, I came to terms with psychological abuse in my childhood and realized that I have a history of intergenerational trauma, rage, and lack of empathy and love that I understood the root of the trauma I hadn’t even consciously known I was carrying.

My personal work for years, but especially during these months of the pandemic, has been centered around reparenting my hurt, neglected, traumatized inner child. 

I am coming back to mothering myself. 

I am experiencing a loving, gentle, kind mother — and that woman is me now, not the woman who gave birth to me.

And I am coming to a place of forgiveness. 

This is how we heal with the Mother archetype: by being a better mother to ourselves. 

And, by extension, if we want to become a mother to our own children, we'll then be capable of being that loving, kind, nurturing mother to them too.

I share my story with you to inspire you to consider for yourself what healing the Mother archetype might mean to you. 

Where are you today in relationship with the Mother archetype? 

In what way might you need to heal?

It might be directly in relationship to your mother. It could be related to how you treat or view yourself. It could have to do with how you feel about becoming a mother yourself. Or all of these may be interconnecting themes. 

There are so many ways our first attachment relationship affects us later in life: your fertility journey, your relationship with your sexuality, your ability to give love, your capacity for receiving love. 

That's why it’s so important to bring healing to how we mother ourselves — so we're not constantly re-living and recreating the wounds of our childhood

We now have to be the kind, gentle, loving mother we needed then that we may not have had.

In the stillness of the Full Flower Moon, I invite you to take a moment to reflect quietly.

In this replay video, I guide you to:

  • Receive the Worldwide Womb Blessing energies
  • Meditate with the Earth-Yoni Blessing to bring healing and restore sacredness to your yoni
  • Mediate with the Embracing Our Sexuality meditation to allow the flower of your sexuality to open and to accept it in all its beauty 

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