Welcome to Yoga Goddess’s first live video interview with Amy Sedgewick – one of my favourite fertility-sisters, from Red Tent Sisters!

Our conversation is all about women’s reproductive health, and particularly how to overcome infertility.

Here is some of what I reveal:
  • The main cause of unexplained infertility
  • How I accidentally stumbled across a body of work that has helped thousands of women conceive (and heal themselves of all sorts of reproductive disorders)
  • How a very specific type of yoga can help you conceive
  • A meditation practice that makes you feel better instantly
  • How over 50% of my clients conceived

… and so much more.

If you’ve spent years trying to conceive without success then this interview will be especially helpful for you.

Hope you enjoy the information and the meditation!


0:00 Intro

0:19 Who is Zahra Haji?

1:43 Endocrine Problems Facing Women

2:23 The #1 issue behind all these problems

3:10 What is “Unexplained” Infertility?

4:20 The Yoga Goddess Approach / Solution to “Unexplained” Infertility

6:00 Why so many women are suffering from unexplained infertility

12:06 The personal fertility story of Zahra

14:24 Healing reproductive disorders

15:22 The forgotten body of knowledge that has healed thousands

19:50 Today’s reality that is affecting most women today

25:08 What women can do about this reality

26:38 ‘K’ Yoga for infertility healing

29:01 How meditation helps to heal infertility

29:48 A meditation experience especially for fertility

39:50 Goddess Energies and how they affect you

43:54 What is the Yoga Goddess, Moon Goddess Program?

Get the program at https://yogagoddess.ca//moongoddess/