Thanks to all of you who joined me yesterday to meditate and share under the Full Thunder Moon! 

This month the feminine power of manifesting is available to us through this moon’s deep purple moon ray…and on the live cast I totally forgot to let you know that as a special offering to all of you who are consistently here with me every month for the full moon meditations, I’m putting our Moon Charting Mastery program on a super-short sale to help you harness that power. 

If you’re not sure what menstrual-moon cycle charting has to do with manifesting…

As a woman you’re constantly cycling through 4 energies within your menstrual cycle: the Enchantress at pre-menstruation, the Crone/Wise Woman during menstruation, the Maiden/Go-Getter in your pre-ovulatory phase, and the Mother/Nurturing energy in your ovulatory phase. 

Those energies are constantly opening you up to different mental and emotional states, sex drives, food cravings, dreams, and psychic and spiritual experiences. You go through this every week of every month of every year of your cycle for as long as you’re menstruating. 

But it’s not just that: there’s also insight and information available to you if you want to use your cycle to help you manifest and direct your life. 

So how does that connect to this month’s moon ray?

Here’s what Miranda Gray says about the purple rays of this Full Thunder Moon:

“The Deep Purple Ray connects us to the feminine power of manifesting the world around us, especially through our highest ideals and for the good of all. Connected to the Enchantress, it helps us to clear away the old to manifest the positive into the physical world. The Ray also helps us to connect with our highest levels, so we feel guided in this activity.”

A lot of us are feeling the pull right now to take stock of where we are, clear away what we don’t want, and manifest and co-create a new way of being.

The collective pause we’ve been in for several months has provided lots of opportunity for huge realizations. Pre-Covid, a lot of us were burnt out, feeling trapped in the circumstances of our lives, in jobs that weren’t satisfying, in ways of life that were feeling too pressurized. A lot of us now are making decisions about the future and the lives we want to live.

There’s a lot bubbling in the cauldron…and in that place of bubbling there’s so much opportunity for new insights, new awarenesses, new awakenings.

The Enchantress energy that’s at work in this taking-stock place holds a depth of emotion and a sense of going into the underworld and into the psyche. 

Almost all of us are sitting in the unknown. 

What will happen with this virus, with the economy, in the political scene globally and nationally? 

What will happen in your own trajectory, in your career, in your family-making, in your journey in life whether partnered or single? 

We don’t know. 

On this live cast meditation, we hold this awareness of the unknown and we hold the potential of coming into knowing. 

We relinquish our burdens to a higher power. 

We hold in our womb space the awareness of what we might manifest. 

What insight is awakening for you? Is there an intuitive knowing you’re ready to embrace? 

Just click play below to meditate with the replay. 

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