“Deepen your divine feminine connection to Mother Moon”

Meditate with me LIVE on the Full Moon every month in the Yoga Goddess Support Circle

Are you ready to harness the potent energy of the full moon?

On each month’s Full Moon live cast, you will:

  • Meditate with a guided practice in tune with the specific energies of that month’s full moon
  • Connect deeply with your feminine energy, your deepest desires, your menstrual cycle and the Divine Feminine
  • Share with other women walking the same sacred feminine path, supporting each other and holding each other’s intentions

Plus, five times a year our full moon meditation is focused on receiving the energies of Miranda Gray’s Worldwide Womb Blessing. 

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“That was INCREDIBLE!! My ovaries bloomed into lilac and fuchsia Stargazer Lilies! Thank you for this energy! Namaste!”


“Felt a deep sense of rest. Taking the wisdom that my intuitive body is wanting the space to relax. Thank you for this opportunity.”


“I feel soo amazing and supported!! I felt connected and empowered.”