Thank you so much to all who were able to join me live to meditate with the Super Pink Moon. Gathering together as women during this turbulent time is so powerful and important…for us individually and for our world collectively. 

If you’re just joining us, don’t worry — I’m including the live cast recording below, and those supermoon energies are still strong, so you can participate as soon as you’re ready.

How are you doing these days, Goddess?

We’re all in this together — we’re all at home trying to flatten the curve, to bring down the spread of this virus, to do our part however we can. But it’s important to acknowledge that before COVID-19 hit, we already had struggles, pain, and baggage we were dealing with. 

And all of that doesn’t disappear just because a global crisis is hogging every headline in every country across the world. 

You might be feeling the pain even stronger now that you have so much time to feel it…

You may have been grieving a pregnancy loss.

You may have been in the middle of a breakup. 

Maybe a loved one is terminally ill.

You also had plans, milestones, important dreams you were looking forward to…and now they’re gone.

Your IVF may have been cancelled. 

Your wedding might be postponed. 

The trip to Italy you’ve been planning for a year — the yoga teacher training in Bali — the visit with your best friend on the other side of the country — gone.

Baby showers, weddings, graduations, proms, birthday parties — everything we celebrate has been taken from us. 

We’re all collectively feeling grief and loss. (And that’s not even taking into account what you’re going through if you or someone you love is ill with the virus.) 

What I’m finding with the friends and clients I’m talking to is that in the midst of this, everybody’s shadow stuff is coming up. 

We have time now. We have space now. And we can’t distract ourselves from our darkness. 

Can’t go shopping. Can't get our nails done. Can’t go to a show or meet a friend for a drink. Most of us can’t even go to work.

A client said to me the other day: “I’m recognizing all the ways I use to distract myself — because they’re all gone. I do these things so I don’t have to feel anything. And now I’m feeling it ALL.” 

And it’s true: the doing covers up the feelings…really effectively. 

Are there feelings being uncovered for you in this time? 

What feelings are you finding surprising?

What feelings are you finding not so surprising, because you knew they were there but you didn’t want to deal with them…and now you have no choice?

I really do believe that this is an opportunity for rebirth — for rebirthing the planet, as planes are grounded, water is getting purified, wildlife is coming back — and rebirthing yourself. 

We will come out of this completely different. So this is our opportunity to create a whole new reality. 

If you’ve been plagued by negativity, if you’ve been hiding from uncomfortable truths and dark feelings, is it time to work with that? 

Instead of trying to avoid or deny or ignore or hope it will go away, now — in the midst of this imposed stillness — could be the time to find a way to transform it, compost it, and move through it. 

Because it doesn’t just go away. 

With the doors to restaurants, bars, malls, salons, movie theatres, spas (etc., etc.) all shut, the one door that’s still open is the scariest one to walk through. It's your own door. It’s the one we leave for last, always…because it’s a hard one. 

Ideally you have someone walking through the door with you — a therapist, a coach, a trusted friend. But even if you don’t, could this be an opportunity to start gently looking through that door?

Maybe you begin with one closet. There’s stuff in there you don’t want or need. Maybe you don’t want to look at it — it’s a fear, it’s a loss, it’s an experience you put away a long time ago. 

But it’s still there hanging in the closet. 

Maybe you need to take those feelings down one by one and work through them before you’re ready to say goodbye. 

Maybe in the stillness and darkness of this time you’re ready to Marie Kondo your metaphorical closets: to hold each item, look at it, say thank you…and then release it.

But start here. Get comfortable. Relax into the arms of the Divine Mother. Meditate with this Full Pink Supermoon.

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