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Our female cycle is reflected in the cycles of Mother Nature herself. Like the moon we have distinct phases, waxing and waning from light to darkness, from the fullness and fertility of the follicular phase to the withdrawn interiority of the luteal phase. Respecting and flowing with the natural movements of our own menstrual-moon cycles aligns us with this natural wisdom.

Ovulation ushers in the nurturing and supportive energy of the mother, bright and fertile as the full moon. The hormones that peak in the body at ovulation create the perfect environment not only for the support of a fertilized egg but for the nourishment of our dreams, ideas and creative goals, our “creative children.” This is a time of full creative expression, when we’re most capable of nurturing ourselves, our loved ones, and our deepest desires. Our energy has shifted from a mental focus to a strong emotional focus. This is the time to reach out, to bond, to discuss relationship problems, because now is when we bring the most empathy to communication. Especially if infertility has created stress and disconnection between you and your partner, ovulation is the optimum time to nurture your relationship and to reconnect on the deepest emotional levels.

The full moon is tonight. Connect with your inner nurturer. Click the video below to find out how.