Today we’re meditating under a full moon eclipse. Lunar eclipses bring revelation and clarification, two things I’m especially looking for as we prepare for the Northern Hemisphere’s transition from the wild energy of the Enchantress toward the wisdom of the Crone.

In this live cast I share some big news:

News about the future of Yoga Goddess. 

News about what I’m feeling called to as the Earth’s cycle turns and we begin the seasonal descent into surrender, letting go, death (or transition if you prefer).

The vision I always had for Yoga Goddess, from the very beginning, was that I would train other teachers and healers to work with cycles and the moon so they could help women all over the world return to the Divine Feminine and the power of their female bodies. 

This year that vision has finally come to fruition through my teaching with Yoga Farm Ithaca’s innovative yoga teacher training program. 

And what this has come to mean for me as we reach this clearing-out phase of the Earth’s cycle is that I’m really uncertain whether Yoga Goddess will continue as it has been. 

That’s part of the clarity I’m still looking for with this lunar eclipse.

But what I am clear on is that the first step to Yoga Goddess’s future is letting go. It’s time to clean house in order to pare down to the heart of Yoga Goddess. 

So I’m Marie Kondo-ing the business — purging my closets — and retiring 4 of my beloved Yoga Goddess programs. 

There’s a loss and grief that comes with letting them go — but I’m also really excited because I know that this is making way for what’s coming next. 

What clarity are you seeking with this lunar eclipse? 

Are you being called to clear out what has served its purpose in order to make way for what’s to come? 

What are you grateful for?

What are you grieving?

On this full moon eclipse and second-last full moon of 2020, in the lead-up to our transition from Enchantress to Crone, meditate now to become centred in your truth. 

Just click play on the video below:

P.S. The programs I’m retiring are Sensual Magic, Moon Meditations, Moon Charting Mastery, and the Lunar Conception + Moon Charting Mastery Bundle. If you’ve eyed any of these programs in the past, now’s your last chance to get them for a sweet deal. They’ll be unavailable for purchase once we take them off the shelf at the end of December. 

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