The 2020 Full Harvest Moon is a powerful one: the first of two full moons in October, and the first full moon after the Equinox, leading us toward Samhain. 

There's potent magic in the cosmos and it’s available to all of us.

The archetype of the Enchantress is really alive for us right now, balanced with the Crone: a witchy wisdom-holder healer-woman energy that leads by her own power. 

Hers is a renegade energy. She flies by the seat of her pants. She exudes creativity and her own magic and phoenix power. 

As we move into the Aquarian age coming in 2021, we’re entering an age of awakening. One of the most potent stars leading this awakening is Venus, the Goddess representing the Divine Feminine. 

And one of our biggest (and, until recently, most neglected) tools for tapping into that wisdom, insight and awakening is our own female bodies and beings.

There's a spark of wisdom that gets ignited when we first become cycling women. 

But so many of us get educated away from this knowledge.

In this meditation for the Full Harvest Moon, this is the question you’ll sit with: 

What wisdom and insight am I harvesting from my own feminine body and being?

Put another way, what weirdness, what “wrongness,” what perceived lack are you ready to reclaim as a woman? 

I used to think I was really messed up because I kept changing throughout the month — sometimes drastically. The only language I had for it back then was I'm moody because I would feel down and then up with no warning.

That and “I feel crazy.”

When I learned about my cyclical nature, all of a sudden I wasn’t psycho — I was cyclical (period).

Decades later, I’m still coming into new and deeper understanding of what my cyclical nature has to teach me. 

Of how not just my personal menstrual cycle and the moon’s cycle affect me, but the ways that the Earth’s seasonal cycle and the phases of my own life cycle usher me into new energies, strengths, and needs. 

I share more about that on the live cast — and especially about the deep, potent Enchantress pull I’m feeling as I journey deeper into my forties and the perimenopause phase of my life. 

Meditate with the Full Harvest Moon now to begin harvesting the insight of your own cyclical feminine being.

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