The Full Frosty Moon is almost here: the second-last full moon of the year, guiding us toward the Northern Hemisphere’s transition from the wild energy of the Enchantress toward the wisdom of the Crone. 

Join me to prepare for this transition in our Full Moon meditation on Monday, November 30 at 12:45pm EST / 9:45am PST / 5:45pm UK.

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Here’s what Miranda Gray says about the November moon rays of Beautiful Deep Blue with Bright Gold: 

“The Enchantress Deep Blue Ray brings us centredness in our truth and awakens the priestess within us who links the Earth with the Heavens. The Gold Ray fills our womb energy centre with dignity and spiritual sovereignty. Together they help us walk our path with feminine empowerment.”

The transition from the Enchantress to the Crone archetype is a descent into surrender, letting go, death.

We aren’t quite there yet — that will come with the Solstice in December — but the Earth, and we ourselves, are preparing for it. 

Here at Yoga Goddess, this transition is on my mind because I’m getting ready to retire some of my most beloved programs.

As we head into the penultimate full moon of 2020 and the transition from Enchantress to Crone, I’m becoming centred in my truth, letting go, clearing out what has served its purpose.

I’m excited about the change because I know it’ll make space for what’s coming next — but change (even happy change) often means grief.

Because in order to make way for something new, first you have to lose what was. 

We’ve all lost a lot this year. 

Some of what we’ve lost is a false innocence, blinders we might not have known we were wearing. We’ve made space in the collective to reckon with huge inequities. There’s a lot of grief and pain that comes with this — grief and pain that are necessary for lasting change to take root. 

Even though it’s been a painful year, I’m seeing in spiritually-minded communities that a lot of us are feeling genuine gratitude for the deep internal dives we got to make this year. 

For those of us who are already on a path of inquiry — already in the habit of looking at ourselves and asking how we can feel better, do better, be better — 2020 has been a gift. An opportunity of pause, of time and space. The world is collapsing, but the path of awareness is already laid out before us and we just have to walk it.

For those who’ve never been introspective, 2020 has been jarring. You might feel thwarted, like your freedom is being attacked. You’ve been thrown into the deep end of emotion you’re not ready to confront. 

If you’re here in the Yoga Goddess community, you are probably among those more prepared to take advantage of the spiritual opportunities of this year. 

That doesn’t mean that loss and change are easy. 

But as we head into the end of 2020 with the penultimate full moon of the year (plus U.S. Thanksgiving this week), I encourage you to consider that those of us willing to let go of the old, to find gratitude even in what’s difficult, to look at the ugly inside ourselves — we are the ones doing the real work of change in the world. 

And the cyclical Feminine path of awareness is here to support you in that.

In our virtual meditation circle on the Full Frosty Moon we will:

  • Connect deeply with our wombs and our cyclical female energies
  • Reflect on the losses of this year and on what we’re ready to release as we prepare to transition from Enchantress to Crone 
  • Harness the November moon rays of Beautiful Deep Blue and Bright Gold to centre ourselves in our truth and open our womb energy centre to dignity and spiritual sovereignty

Our meditation is happening live in the Yoga Goddess Support Circle on Monday, November 30 at 12:45pm EST / 9:45am PST / 5:45pm UK.

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I can’t wait to gather with you for the Full Frosty Moon!

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