The Full Corn Moon is almost here: the last full moon of summer as we begin to cycle into the Enchantress energy of fall. 

Join me to honour this transition in our Full Moon meditation on Tuesday, Sept 1 at 4:45 pm EST / 1:45pm PST / 9:45pm UK / 6:45 am Wed Sept 2 in Australian Eastern Time. 

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Here’s what Miranda Gray says about the September moon rays of Silver and Green: 

“The Silver Ray brings tranquillity, love, gentleness and calm into our being and helps us to discover our authentic femininity. We remember who we are and discover aspects that we never knew we had, and we are reminded that we are the reflection of the cycles of the Divine Feminine. The Green Ray brings the energies of a fresh start and new opportunities for us to express our true self.”

The transition from the Mother energy of summer to the Enchantress energy of fall is a shift from full, bright abundance to the hidden magic of the darkening feminine.

September always has a back-to-school vibe for me, a feeling that it’s time to get serious with my goals, go inward to reflect on where I’ve placed my energies so far this year, and decide what changes to make as I get back to reality after the fun of summer. 

It’s a time to remember who we are

…but if our spirits are open to the magic of the Enchantress, it can also be a time to discover aspects that we never knew we had.

This year, goals, planning and even summer fun have had a different quality to them.

I’ve noticed that for a lot of people in my circles — and certainly for me –there’s been a fuller-than-usual enjoyment of summer. A brighter brightness to that Mother energy as we’ve all felt a new appreciation post-lockdown for seeing loved ones, being outside, delighting in nature, discovering the beauty that’s close to home. 

It’s been a revelation for me to discover that it can feel just as good to swim in Lake Ontario (on my doorstep) as it does on the coast of the Mayan Riviera. 

It’s felt special to relish in the is-ness and now-ness…in what’s here for me in this moment, in this place. 

The challenge but also the bizarre gift of this pandemic has been that we can’t think too much about the future.

All we have is the now. We can't know what will happen a day, a week, a month from now. We don’t know when this thing will be over. In the western culture, that uncertainty is a new reality. 

But it’s also kind of what the Enchantress is about.

Because the Enchantress lives in unpredictability. 

In magic. In mystery. In sexuality and the healing arts. 

And it’s there that we just may discover a new expression of our true self. 

Our meditation is happening live in the Yoga Goddess Support Circle on Tuesday, Sept 1 at 4:45 pm EST / 1:45pm PST / 9:45pm UK / 6:45 am Wed Sept 2 in Australian Eastern Time.

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I can’t wait to gather with you for the Full Corn Moon!

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