Do you think of your sex drive as ‘high’ or ‘low’?

Newsflash: that’s not the full story.

Every woman has access to four unique sex drives. Depending on where you are in your cycle the kind of sex you want will change. In order to set your four sex drives free, you need to know when they happen, how they manifest and how to communicate with your partner to enjoy them fully.

Especially if you’re trying to conceive and sex feels like an obligation. Like it or not, you ‘have to’ have sex because it’s your fertile time. If this is you – stop! Don’t reduce your sex life to a job that you and your husband have to perform. That’s sure to rob you of the joy of baby-making. Instead, free your four sex drives with Miranda Gray’s wisdom.

Your four sex drives

In your monthly cycle you naturally experience four separate phases; ovulation, pre-menstruation, menstruation and pre-ovulation, and each phase is characterized by a different type of sex drive. But if you’re trying to conceive you may only be focused on having sex during ovulation. This is not ideal. You need to have sex consistently throughout the month and change up the kind of sex you’re having depending on the phase you're in.

As your hormones change, the type of sex that turns you on will also change. Whether you want quickies, kinky sex, or spiritual sex depends on the phase of your cycle. By keeping things interesting throughout the month, you'll take the pressure off ovulation. Instead of demanding sex during your fertile time, sex will happen naturally and so will getting pregnant.

The ‘Maiden’ sex drive (I call this goddess energy the ‘Go-getter')

The pre-ovulation sexual energy can be thought of as like that of a young maiden. We find images of this type of sex drive in mythology fun_biz_womanstories of sexy, dynamic, independent virgin goddesses. These goddesses are out to have fun and party; they are not worried about commitment or having a family.The ‘Maiden sex drive’ is characterized by a fun, light-hearted approach. Like your body after menstruation, you’ll feel lighter and more energetic. With estrogen rising, it's natural to feel more social and outgoing. Sex after menstruation is not a deeply emotional experience, but a great way of having fun before ovulation.

To free this sex drive, have fun! Let go of worries and responsibilities and play. Imagine you are an independent sex goddess. Make eye contact and flirt with your husband. Dress up in sexy ‘body-icing’ – frilly white underwear – to make you feel ‘virginal.’

You will want to have sex for fun, rather than long and emotionally deep types of sex. Have loads of ‘quickies’, but on your terms. Even if you don’t think you have ‘it’ anymore, connect with your Maiden sex drive and channel her energy. You can be a gorgeous sex goddess if you let the Maiden energy show you the way!

The ‘Mother’ sex drive (I call this goddess energy the Nurturer)

Around ovulation, your sexual drive naturally changes. You will become gentler, more nurturing and more relationship-focused. We findi_love_you depictions of this sex drive in numerous stories of Earth goddesses and Mother goddesses. These women are voluptuous, strong and very sexy.

Your ‘Mother sex drive’ needs emotional expression and loads of physical pleasure. When you’re consciously connected with your heart, sex at this time also strengthens your emotional commitment to each other. Your sex drive will make you want conversation and sharing, and lots of delicious foreplay before sex to feel fully satisfied.

To free this sexual energy, bring some love, romance and sensuality into your sex life. Tell your partner how much you appreciate him for all the small and big ways he shows his commitment. Text message him at work and paint a picture of what's waiting for him at home. Make your bedroom romantic with flowers and candles, and send him a pic.

Don’t rush sex; take your time during this phase. Choose positions where you can see each other’s faces, and use the time between sex to caress and hold each other.

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