Below you will find a guided visualization of a free Womb Blessing Meditation written by Miranda Gray and recorded in my voice. This is the same meditation that I guide each of my clients through before giving them a hands-on Womb Blessing. I wanted to give you a sample of the Womb Blessing Meditation here so know what to expect when I guide you one-on-one through this very same meditation before our in person Womb Blessing!

Receiving the Womb Blessing & Womb Healing has shown to help:

Awaken dormant energies of your womb
Heal menstrual cycle irregularities and pain
Balance your feminine energies
Forge a positive connection with your womb

Plus if you’re preparing for fertility treatment:

Reduce discomfort of injections
Prepare your ovaries and womb for IVF or FET
Increase your womb’s receptivity for conception & implantation
Ease worry about not conceiving or miscarrying

Whether or not you're trying to conceive, just click below to feel the connection between the earth, your heart and your womb.

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