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In my work, I’m blessed to meet a lot of women, and I’ve found that so many of us are secretly struggling with the same pains. We’re in relationships that aren’t fulfilling. Or we’re unhappy with our bodies. Some of us are lonely. Some of us are listless in our work, and uninspired. We’ve been told we’re too emotional or too sensitive. We worry we aren’t quite good enough. We crave passion. We yearn.

And yearning is good! We yearn because we’ve heard those whispers of passion stirring. We know, somewhere deep, that we are bubbling with desire and creativity and vibrance and beauty. It’s not lost.

That bubbling and stirring and whispering is a calling to reconnect with the Divine Feminine.

It’s a calling to remember who we really are. When we do that, the rest falls away. We stand shining: authentic, strong, beautiful and desirable.

So how do we do it?

Meet your four goddess energies: the four natural energies that we as women innately channel as we move through our menstrual cycle, in tune with the phases of the moon.

(Now that’s something they don’t teach in health class…yet!)

The maiden corresponds with your pre-ovulation week just after you bleed: that time when you’re full of enthusiasm and vitality, growing fuller like the crescent moon.

The mother comes at ovulation, your most emotionally engaged and nurturing time, perfect for nourishing your love life, your relationships, and your creative projects. You’re like the full moon: expansive, bright, vital.

The enchantress joins you at your premenstrual week, when you’re getting darker and drawing inward like the waning moon.

And the wise woman is who you are during your period: quiet and internal as the dark moon, open to more mystical, psychic and intuitive experiences than at other times of the month.

Connecting with your four goddess energies is as simple as becoming more conscious of them at each phase of your cycle, understanding their gifts, and honouring them as unique and valuable in their own ways. It may sound “new age-y,” but this is ancient knowledge that our grandmothers’ grandmothers’ grandmothers knew as common sense.

And it’s our birthright as women—a birthright we’ve buried and forgotten. 

A birthright I’m committed to bringing into the light again.

I’ve created a series of meditations for each phase of the menstrual-moon cycle that will help you connect with the moon and with your cycle.

The series includes:

▪ Meditation for the New Moon phase, which corresponds to our Wise Woman, the time of bleeding, introspection, and spiritual insight
▪ Meditation for the Crescent Moon phase, when we are blossoming into the energy of the Maiden after the darkness of menstruation
▪ Meditation for the Full Moon phase, the energy of the Mother, when we are bright and ripe with fertility (the baby-making kind or the idea-generating kind) during ovulation
▪ Meditation for the Waning Moon phase, when we sink into the energy of our Enchantress as we enter the premenstrual phase

Find my Moon Cycle Meditations here!

The meditations are designed to be listened to at each phase of your menstrual cycle—your personal new moon, crescent moon, full moon, and waning moon phase—regardless of what the moon in the sky is doing. Your personal phase is what’s important.

I’d be so delighted to share these meditations with you. 

Love and delight,