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Thank you so much to all of you who joined me to meditate with the Worldwide Womb Blessing on the Flower Supermoon! What amazing energy we had with the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius.

I’m still buzzing with the energy created by all of us joining together. 

If you’re just joining us, we held a Full Moon meditation on Facebook Live in conjunction with the Worldwide Womb Blessing, and boy was it powerful. We also experience the Earth Yoni meditation to reconnect ourselves to the Earth, the Sharing meditation to help connect this energy to women across the globe, and the Ancestor Meditation to bring healing to our maternal lines.

If you weren’t available at the livecast time, you’ll find the recording below. Over 200,000 women gathered worldwide to share this energy, and it’s not too late to join them!

During the livecast I spoke a lot about the healing power of Womb Blessings.

While Miranda Gray’s Worldwide Womb Blessing is one way of awakening and reconnecting with your feminine soul, a personal womb blessing is focused on your own energies, condition, and soul’s path.

Does your womb need personal healing? 

The Worldwide Womb Blessing you took part in is a powerful group meditation and transmission of Sacred Feminine energy that gathers hundreds of thousands of women from around the world. 

But you may be in need of more personal healing for your womb. 

In contrast to the worldwide blessing, a personal Womb Blessing is a one-on-one healing sequence focused on your specific wounds, needs, and desires, and on healing your own relationship with your female body (heart-womb-yoni), your female soul, and the Divine Feminine. It also includes a 25-minute consultation to release the emotional burden of everything you’ve gone through and open your heart for healing. 

As women, so many of us have experienced trauma around our wombs. Your womb may need healing because…

  • you’ve experienced sexual wounding
  • you’ve suffered a miscarriage
  • you’ve had a difficult pregnancy or birth
  • you’ve chosen to stop trying after a painful struggle with infertility 

Maybe you want a personal Womb Blessing to heal and connect with your womb in order to conceive.  

Maybe you want to connect with your womb because you yearn to awaken to the sacredness of your female nature and the Divine Feminine.  

I invite you to experience the healing of a personal Womb Blessing… 

From now until June 1st I’m offering my distance Womb Blessings at $100 off if you book by July 31st. Just enter the code blessing100 if you’re located outside of Canada and the code blessing100CAD if you’re located within Canada. 

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FYI: Womb Blessings ARE NOT just for fertility

You may have a conflicted relationship with your femininity, your sexuality, or your female body. 

A Womb Blessing brings connection and healing energy to all these areas.

A Womb Blessing will help you: 

  • Accept your female body, your life, your fertility, your creativity, sexuality and spirituality
  • Heal menstrual cycle irregularities and pain
  • Forge a positive connection with your womb
  • Connect with the Divine Feminine and welcome her presence in your life 

Distance Womb Blessings are done entirely over the phone, from anywhere in the world. 

Book by June 1st, and redeem your Womb Blessing by July 31. 

Is it time to heal your relationship with your womb? 

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===>> If you ARE trying to conceive click HERE to book your Womb Blessing