The June Full Strawberry Moon — and the closest full moon to Summer Solstice — is coming up on June 17. You’re invited to join me live in our Yoga Goddess Facebook Support Circle to meditate with Miranda Gray’s Worldwide Full Moon Meditation. It's all about building new female heart- and womb-centred communities.


Building new female heart- and womb-centred communities

I love what the Yoga Goddess Support Circle has become. We’ve got over 3600 members coming together from Canada, USA, UK, Greece, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, Romania, Germany, Norway, Israel, New Zealand, Croatia, Serbia, Spain…all of us uniting as a family of women who are discovering their connection to the moon and their cycles. All of us desiring to be more in tune with the female energy of the womb.

This includes women trying to get pregnant and women not focused on fertility. Because the yearning to connect to the womb and the cyclical female energies can be fertility related, but it also transcends trying to conceive.

It’s a beautiful, juicy combination!

As I was meditating the other day on the future and direction of Yoga Goddess, I got strong guidance that it’s very much about this energy of community, family and belonging.

That’s when I checked in with Miranda Gray’s theme for the June full moon and discovered that, lo and behold, community is exactly what the moon ray is about this month.

You can’t ignore that kind of synchronicity!

Here’s what Miranda Gray says about June’s moon ray:

The Moon Ray of Orange holds the energy of acceptance, of attraction and of coming together in families and communities. When we breathe this ray into our womb we generate emotional warmth and joy and a deep sense of belonging. And our energised womb attracts others to us of a similar energy to build new female heart- and womb-centred communities across the world.

And because the June moon is traditionally known as the Strawberry Moon, I wanted to dig into the symbolism of the strawberry, too.

Turns out (of course!) that it’s perfect.

The strawberry is a heart-shaped berry. The womb is a heart-shaped organ. The strawberry has a tradition of symbolism around love, purity, passion and healing, and a history of use as women’s medicine to support fertility. And it’s the only fruit with seeds on the outside rather than the inside, making it completely unique.

As we’re building a new female heart- and womb- centred community, the strawberry is the perfect symbol for the feminine heart and womb.

Here are some cute facts about strawberries to get you feeling juicy for the full moon:

Our meditation is happening on Monday, June 17 at 5:45 pm EST / 2:45 pm PST / 10:45 pm UK / 7:45 am June 18 in Sydney.

Check your timezone here.


I can’t wait to gather with you all under the Full Strawberry Moon!