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7 Fertility Affirmations for IVF Success

In the face of strong fertility fears, it can feel impossible to believe your IVF will be a success. Positive fertility affirmations are an incredibly effective way to shift your energy from anxious and constrained to positive, relaxed and open.

And that’s important, because:

  • Anxiety impacts egg production and quality
  • Women with depressive symptoms are half as likely to conceive versus women who are not depressed

Tell me sweet mama, are any of these fears swimming in your head right now?

  1. I make poor quality eggs.
  2. My lining won’t be good enough for implantation.
  3. Fibroids/endometriosis will prevent pregnancy.
  4. What if my IVF fails?
  5. I’m going to end up with another ectopic pregnancy.
  6. I’m so stressed, it’s going to make this cycle fail again.
  7. What if I miscarry?

I’ve put together 7 fertility affirmations to transform these exact fears into positive, flowing energy in your body, mind, and heart.

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