If you know me or have been following me for a while then you know that I’m a feminine woman. But for the last 3 years (or possibly most of my adult life) I’ve been using my masculine energy to try and attract love.

And I’ve been doing A LOT:

  •  In February 2010, I took a group to Mexico to Open to Love Under the Mexican Sun. Fourteen of us called out for love at the ocean’s edge using yoga, meditation and creative writing. It was beautiful and powerful and led to at least one marriage know of!
  • At the end of 2010, I started the Calling in the One course and just before it’s completion I went to India (on eve of 2011) poised to call love into my life.
  •  In February 2011, I met the man I thought I would marry and we set 11/11/11 as our wedding date.
  • In the Summer of 2011, I went back to India. I spent over 5 months living in Pune working really hard to make the relationship work. But I knew deep down that it wasn’t meant to be.
My biggest lesson from 2012 is feminine Energy is the key to healing our feminine hearts and our female bodies

That's why I spent most of 2012 healing myself.

When I got back from India this February, my heart needed of lots of time to heal. I went on a Winter Retreat with Wild Woman Expeditions into the wintry wonderland of Algonquin Park and I didn’t work for over 3 months. I did a lot of meditation, went to lots of yoga classes and I listened deeply to my inner guidance which guided me to create the Body Prayer for an Open Heart meditation + guidebook. This home-study program is what healed my heart and opened me back up to love.

I'm happy to tell you my fellow goddess as 2012 comes to a close, my heart is filled with the peace and passion of love fulfilled. When I finally surrendered everything I had ever wanted to the Divine, the most exquisite love entered my life.

It wasn't easy but I'm so grateful I learned two precious lessons of Love and healing:

As I look back, I am so grateful that the Universe guided me along this path of Love. If I hadn’t walked this path with so much determination, I may never have learned these two precious lessons about love:

My Truth: I want to be with man who can take care of me. A man who can meet me intellectually, intimately and sexually. A man who can teach me and take me higher. In the words of David Deida, I want to be with a Superior Man who is powerfully connected to his masculine essence.

When I could finally name and claim my heart’s deepest desires for love without shame, I finally understood:

What I Need to Change: If I really want to attract a masculine man, I need to step into my sensual, feminine energy. I have to stop being in my controlling, directing and demanding yin (or masculine) energy of doing and become softer, more vulnerable and open to receive love being embracing my yin (or feminine) energy of being.

Tell me more Zahra!

If you are a feminine woman who spends most of your time in your yang-masculine energy of doing, planning, and directing and you are either: longing for love or longing to bring a baby through the vessel of your body, then it's very likely that deep down you know you need to cultivate your sensual, feminine energy. Feminine energy is the key to attracting love, nurturing a relationship and making a baby. It's the yin energy of being, rather than the yang energy of doing.

And I'd love to offer you my help and support. So I got to thinking… what could I create that would get you started quickly, with exactly what you need to step into your feminine energy to attract love or enhance your chances of conceiving in 2013?

If you are single and longing for love:

In the New Year, I'm opening up 3 spots to have a session with me – at no cost, my treat! – for 30 minutes. It's my Feminine Mystique and the Art of Attracting Lasting Love Breakthrough Session over the phone, at no cost.

In this 30-minute session I will help you:

  • Discover what is unconsciously blocking you from attracting lasting and fulfilling love
  • Create a clear vision of the love you desire and deserve so you can begin to draw the most fulfilling relationship into your life
  • Commit to shifting into your feminine energy to attract lasting love by offering you a simple plan of action and transformation.
If you're trying to conceive a baby:

I'm also opening up another 3 spots for a Fertility Secrets of the Female Body Strategy Session over the phone, at no cost – my treat!

In this 30-minute session I will help you:

  • Uncover what is subconsciously preventing you from conceiving
  • Clearly name and claim your desire to be a mother and to set a clear vision for a healthy conception
  • Commit to healing from the past and surrendering into your feminine energy of receptivity, relaxation and trusting in your body's innate ability to conceive by offering you a simple plan of action and transformation.
Here's how it works:

1. Before January 31st, 2013 send us an email and I'll send you the special invitation. All you need to do is write us an email requesting a NO COST Fertility Secrets of the Female Body Strategy Session or a Feminine Mystique and the Art of Attracting Lasting Love Breakthrough Session. That's it!

2. The deadline for applying is January 31st so best to write us an email right away, to request a NO COST session with me.

3. I'll let you know after February 8th if you’re chosen for a spot. I hope you are! There's only one way to be for sure and that's to apply right away.

One more thing, goddess with only 6 spots available, these sessions are going to be scooped up fast. And to be considered you'll need to apply right away. So go head and ask us for your special invitation and I'll talk to you soon! Until then, Happy New Year!

Love and delight,
P.S. Remember to mark your calendar today because January 31st is the day you'll need to apply to get in on one of these breakthrough sessions which normally cost $197.