Thank you so much to all of you who joined me in the energy of the Samhain Huntress Moon. It was a really special one for me because I shared so deeply from my heart and from experience that is still very fresh and ongoing for me. I am so grateful to all the women who were there holding that space with me!

If you weren’t available at the live cast time or you’re just joining me now, I have the recording waiting for you below, so you can still catch up on the story of how my failed IVF turned into a very unexpected love story.

What’s that you say? Love story?


It’s all in the recording below.

But first I want to talk about the power that I believe is at play in my story.

It’s a power that I’ve been learning to surrender to for over a decade…and even though I lost sight of it for a while, it was still there.

I’m talking about feminine power. The mother power of creation. A power that we can learn to plug in to in order to attract what we desire–and receive what we desire.

The power that I am so awed to see at work in the I-can’t-believe-this-is-happening-to-me events of the past month.

I go into a whole lot more detail about this on the live cast replay below, including exactly how to become magnetic to all that you want by tapping into the Universal Womb where your desires are gestating.

In the energy of the Full Samhain Huntress Moon we explore:

  • The most important change every woman needs to make to wield her feminine power
  • 3 specific skills to tap into your feminine instincts AND surrender to their guidance
  • How to become the vessel through which all that you desire flows to you: intimacy, love, a baby

Just click the video below to start watching!