How unexplained infertility can be explained through menstrual cycle charting

I’ve been working for years with women whose doctors cannot tell them why they aren't conceiving or why they conceive and then miscarry. From a medical perspective, there are no good answers. ‘Unexplained infertility’ is the only diagnosis.

And for years I’ve been working on a mind-body-spirit level with these women and seeing incredible results. Fifty percent of my clients go on to have a healthy pregnancy after working with me.

But what about the other fifty percent?

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately to uncover what these hidden causes of infertility might be. In part because I want to help even more of my clients get pregnant, and in part because I want to find out if I have an underlying hormonal imbalance so I can take care of it now and maximize my chances of becoming pregnant.

And I’m really excited to share that if you have ‘unexplained infertility,’ or if you’ve already done rounds of fertility treatments that haven’t worked, you can find out why, and you can treat the imbalance, and you can track if it’s working!

You may very well have a physiological or hormonal imbalance that’s preventing conception, but your RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist) is NOT trained to find it. These imbalances are easily detectible through accurately charting your menstrual cycle.

I’m learning so much from Amy Sedgwick as we’ve been preparing to bring you our FREE training, ‘5 Things Your Doctor May Not Be Telling You About Your Fertility (Because They Don't Know Themselves)'.

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Not only will you discover 5 imbalances that could be preventing you from conceiving, but Amy will also share her 5-step fertility optimization process so you can start implementing her suggestions right away.

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Step 1

Amy will teach you some key points about how your fertility works and describe why it is so critical that you gain a thorough understanding of your own reproductive functioning, EVEN if you are receiving cycle monitoring from a clinic. Here Amy will share how to know if the pH balance in your vagina is enabling sperm to survive, and will explain how OPKs can be causing you to miss your fertile window.

Step 2

Amy will talk about the importance of learning how to chart your menstrual cycle with extreme accuracy, and why it’s not enough to use a charting app. In this step Amy will tell you specifically what you should be charting that charting apps leave out. She’ll provide you with tips about how you can learn to chart with greater precision, including things you can start looking for today that will give you clues into your health.

Step 3

Amy will talk about one of the most crucial steps that gets overlooked by women and by fertility doctors: using the detailed menstrual chart to examine and identify subtle signs of distress in the body. These signs help you understand possible fertility barriers that often go unnoticed, such as chronic inflammation and acute or chronic low-grade stress, particularly stress caused by food sensitivities and poor blood sugar management.

Step 4

Here Amy helps women implement strategies to address the health issues identified in Step 3. On our FREE training call on Friday, Amy will share some examples of the types of interventions that she often recommends to her clients during this phase of the process. She’ll give you some tools to try today to address some of the most common fertility barriers.

Step 5

This step of Amy’s Fertility Optimization Process is to track which changes you’ve implemented are actually working, using the menstrual chart. A lot of women think if they aren’t getting pregnant, then diet changes like eliminating milk and cheese aren’t worth the sacrifice. Here’s where the Justisse menstrual charting method continues to be a valuable tool on your fertility journey, even when you think nothing is happening. Not only will the chart show you how your body is responding to the diet and lifestyle changes you’ve made, it will motivate you to keep them up because you’ll have physiological evidence of what is working.

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