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june, 2013

201315jun5:00 pm11:30 pmMoon Goddess Fertility Yoga + Meditation 5:00 pm - 11:30 pm


Event Details

…A one-day retreat in the city

Early-birds save! …Sign-up before June 1 to save! Moon Goddess circle

Moon Goddess
Moon Goddess is a yoga and meditation practice for women unlike any yoga and meditation practice. You will be guided through a simple and gentle program that will add vibrancy to your life, help you improve your relationships, enhance your physical and spiritual well being, and connect with the Divine Feminine. Yoga goddess Zahra Haji designed this program to help women rediscover the magic of being a woman and to heal our relationships – individual and collective – with the female body. Through sharing, moon charting, yoga and meditation, Moon Goddess teaches practical ways of honouring the four distinct goddess energies that we each manifest as part of our cyclic nature.


In Moon Goddess, you will:

Play with the goddess energies

You will connect with and energize the four phases of your moon cycle and the associated goddess energies:

        • Pre-ovulation:The Maiden – Get up and go energy
        • Ovulation:The Mother – Nurturing and supportive energy
        • Pre-menstruation:The Enchantress – Emotional and sensual energy
        • Menstruation: Quiet and intuitive energy

Optimize reproductive health

            • Yoga Goddess’ signature series, Moon Goddess guides you through a sequence of yoga postures to support reproductive health.
            • Moon Goddess will optimize the functioning of your reproductive organs as well as strengthen your abdomen and pelvis, toning and reducing any pain and discomfort in this area.

Harmonize hormonal health

          • Kundalini yoga is a yoga of healing and balancing energy.
          • You will learn a yoga set or kriya to optimize functioning of the pituitary gland.
          • The pituitary gland regulates the endocrine system and your hormonal health.
          • Pituitary balance will support your mental, emotional, physical and energetic balance as a woman.

Balance the nervous system

          • Meditation calms your nervous system and relaxes your mind and your body.
          • You will learn and practice a breath meditation to balance women’s cycles.
          • This meditation will harmonize your hormones, balance your brain and ease cyclical irregularities.


Experience your beautiful vastness with Moon Goddess – a yoga and meditation practice for women like no other.


The 1-day retreat will include:

Moon Goddess yoga & meditation class

Morning: 10am – 12 pm


          • Be inspired with our signature Moon Goddess series plus a kundalini yoga and meditation practice. You’ll be refreshed, rebalanced and radiant with that gorgeous yoga goddess glow.


Moon Goddess Workshop

Afternoon: 1pm – 4:30 pm


          • As women we have a magical connection to the phases of the moon.
          • Discover how the moon influences your moods, energy and emotions and how to get into the flow of your unique feminine energy through…

1. Moon charting

          • Become skilled in this very special practice of charting your own cycle.
          • Using the moon dial, you will realize how the four goddess energies manifest in your own cycle every month.
          • You’ll learn about your peak energy times, your peak creativity times, your peak sexual times and when you need to rest.

2. The Moon Goddess series

          • We’ll review our signature Moon Goddess sequence (and practice it too).
          • I’ll tell you how each posture supports your reproductive health plus how to modify your yoga practice to optimize your shifting energies, especially during your period.
          • To close we’ll practice the Meditation to Balance Women’s Cycles once more to seal it into your body memory.

3. Bonus: Home practice

          • Yoga Goddess supports you to create your own personal meditation and yoga practice at home.
          • When you sign up for the day-long workshop will receive our signature Moon Goddess series and the Breath Meditation to Balance Women’s Cycles to continue using at home.


Is this for you?

This 1-day Moon Goddess retreat is open to all women and will be especially meaningful if you’re:

          • Under stress
          • Feeling tired or passionless
          • Yearning for a deeper connection with your inner self
          • Desiring a more peaceful relationship with your body
          • Experiencing reproductive health challenges like issues with fertility, painful or missing periods, pms, post-partum, or peri-menopause.
          • Seeking to connect with an inspiring community of women
          • Looking to add more personal time to your schedule


What to Bring:

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Hooded sweatshirt or shawl for meditation
  • Journal and pen for writing and reflection
  • A yoga mat if you prefer to use your own


Register now:

Book the 1-day retreat at Kula Yoga on line

          • For the full day pay: $110+hst ($100+hst before June 1) and a receive a take-home practice
          • 10:00am – 12:00pm | Moon Goddess yoga & meditation class only $40+hst ($35+hst before June 1st)
          • 1:00 – 4:30pm | Moon Goddess yoga, meditation and moon charting workshop only $75+hst ($65+hst before June 1)
          • To book on the phone call Kula Annex at 416 922 5852

Book online here


(Saturday) 5:00 pm - 11:30 pm