Thank you so much to all of you who joined me to meditate under the Full Corn Moon and to hear my BIG NEWS!

If you’re just joining us, don’t worry — I’m including the live cast recording below, plus full details of the magical new direction I’m heading in!

With the September Full Corn Moon we’re moving out of the blossoming fullness of the summertime mother energy and into the enchanting, seductive, unpredictable energies of the Enchantress. 

Can you feel it?

It’s a witchy, magical, stormy energy. 

There’s always a sense of mystery as we move into fall, but this fall carries with it even more unpredictability as we surrender to the uncertainty of when or if life will ever return to normalcy — or what kind of new paradigm we will create instead. 

Most of us are not very comfortable in the unknown. 

But the upside of the Enchantress is the magic.

And that’s what I want to talk about today…and in particular the magic of meditation, and the power that lies in surrender.

(Here’s where the big news starts to come in!) 

Back in May, during Venus Retrograde, I began a 40-day meditation practice. Every single time I do a 40-day meditation practice, something magical happens. So I went into it knowing that something was going to manifest…but with no idea what it would be.

Venus Retrograde and my 40-day practice were completed on June 25, but I continued to meditate twice a day. On July 5, I had a deep heart-to-heart with my good friend Amy of Red Tent Sisters. 

I told her: “I think I need to change the way I’m doing Yoga Goddess.” 

Yoga Goddess has been my baby for the last 12 years. It’s what I’ve given my life to. But I was burnt out. 

In that conversation with Amy I reached a pivotal moment of realization that my journey with Yoga Goddess could be coming to an end. 

Amy said something really profound to me. She said: “You know Zahra, you gave up motherhood so that other women could become mothers.” 

Those words were the healing I hardly knew I needed. In that instant, so much shifted for me. 

Immediately after that call with Amy, I started dreaming. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could fold in Moon Goddess into an existing yoga teacher training?

If Moon Goddess could go on living in another incarnation, go on changing women’s lives, their fertility, their relationships with their cycles and the Divine Feminine — with or without me?

A mere two days after my heart-to-heart with Amy, I got a message from Daniela Hess, a former Moon Goddess student and co-founder of Yoga Farm, a nonprofit center for connection, healing, and education in Ithaca, New York. 

She said, “I have this community of 1500 active students doing yoga teacher training. I’d love to talk to you about introducing your work to our community.” 

I tell you: it was pure magic.

In the two short months since that initial message, Daniela, her creative partner Jeannie O’Neill and I have dreamed up and co-created a beautiful partnership: a marriage of my Moon Goddess program and the Yoga Farm Advanced yoga teacher training program. 

And it starts at the beginning of October, when we begin co-facilitating this program that encompasses Kundalini yoga, the Enneagram, Ayurveda, and cycles and the Feminine. 

The coronavirus has brought some strange gifts, perhaps most of all the gift of surrender —  because we don’t know and can’t know what’s going to happen. 

I started this summer off saying “I don’t know the future of Yoga Goddess. I only know it needs to be something different.” 

I asked for a smooth transition into that something different. 

I asked for my creation to continue to live, with or without me. 

I was willing to give it up entirely.

In that place of surrendering, magic was able to sweep in. 

In the Full Corn Moon meditation below, I ask you to consider for yourself: 

  • What new beginnings are bubbling up for you in fall Enchantress energy?
  • Where does surrendering and letting go fit into the place of the unknown and unknowable that you’re sitting with in your life?
  • What might be hidden under the surface, waiting for you to discover it?