The Earth’s Enchantress phase has arrived here in the Northern Hemisphere, and you're invited to embrace the Enchantress with me in this Worldwide Womb Blessing meditation. You'll find the replay video below.

During the meditation four different women shared that in the last few days they’ve felt old anxieties resurfacing. Feelings they thought they’d already released, issues they believed were long closed, were spiralling to the surface again and demanding to be addressed. 

It was amazing to see how in sync so many of us were…but not surprising. Because the Enchantress phase of our menstrual cycle and the Enchantress phase of the earth’s cycle are both times when our inner darkness makes itself known.

And will continue to do so, in a cyclical pattern…bringing us back again and again to face it…until we finally, truly do. 

But our inner darkness is often a part of us that we avoid and keep secret — sometimes even from ourselves. 

It's natural to resist moving into the darkness. We're so conditioned to believe that light is good and dark is bad that it can feel very painful to go there — whether it’s the literal darkness of the changing season or the darkness of our own secret underworld. 

But even harder than choosing to face our shadow selves is being dragged there unwillingly by the wild hormonal fluctuations of dark moods, the ones we often blame on the premenstrual Enchantress.

When we don't know how to work with the darkness, it can be scary to find ourselves facing it. 

And when we don’t face it, it can taint how we show up in our lives — and especially in relationship. Because it's the vulnerable parts of ourselves, the parts that haven’t been healed, that start to rear up in relationship…often in very painful ways. 

Our partners are a mirror for our shadow selves and our unhealed wounds. And when we're not willing or able to do our shadow work ourselves, it often emerges in how we relate to and interact with our partners. We can become bitchy, resentful and needy…a neediness that comes from feeling like our needs can't and won't be met.

If that’s ever been you, you know that this is an ugly place to show up from in relationship. 

My invitation to you this full moon is to start to engage with those vulnerable parts of yourself. 

We all have needs. And very often, we have an entire stockpile of unmet needs that sits under our vulnerability. That vulnerability comes out in aggressive ways when we feel like there’s a threat of our needs not being met. 

Your relationship is ideally your safe space, your container, the place where you can heal your vulnerability…which is why those needs so often emerge there in the first place. 

Yet as women, how often do we feel that our man is just not capable of being who we really need him to be or meeting us where we really need to be met? 

In fact, there’s a whole sisterhood built around men not doing or being what we need. (Bitch-fests where we all bond over how clueless our men are — you know what I’m talking about!)

But is that really what you want for yourself and your relationship? 

How to heal yourself and your relationship through the power of your cycle

One of the ways that I've found extremely helpful for healing the wounds held beneath our darkness is working alongside each of the four goddess energies, in tune with our menstrual cycles and in connection with our partners. 

Doing this makes for a much more self-responsible way of showing up in relationship. Because we're no longer unconsciously projecting our hidden parts of self onto our partners — we're engaging consciously with those parts, and are then able to bring them forward in a way our partners can actually see, hear and receive.

Everything I know about how to do this work I’ve distilled into a program called Sensual Magic. 

Sensual Magic is a journey through the four phases of your cycle in choreography with each of your goddess energies. It shows you how to consciously begin to work with them — especially the Enchantress, because she is the most powerful aspect of our goddess energies. And she is often the one who shows up in an angry and defensive way. 

In Sensual Magic I show you how to map the hormonal fluctuations of your menstrual cycle so you can finally understand exactly how your body generates the feminine energy of the Go-getter, Lover, Enchantress and Dreamer.

And you’ll learn how to harness each goddess energy to… 

…examine instead of hide from the truth of your experience

…give yourself the self-nurture you need in each phase (and know how to convey your needs to your partner)

…attract and feel attracted to your partner

…build closeness instead of becoming needy and demanding

…access sensual spaciousness to effortlessly draw your partner’s attention, love and support to you.

You’ll learn how to turn your vulnerability into a strength. 

Your darkness into your feminine power.

In Sensual Magic we challenge ourselves to really step outside the way most of us were taught to be, communicate and act as women. 

That might sound scary, but it becomes a lot easier when you have not only my hand guiding you, but the insights of relationship expert and Sensual Magician Shaanen Cross, too (she sits in on all of our sessions). 

For the next week I’m offering Sensual Magic at 50% off. So if any of this is resonating for you, I would love for you to step into this work with me. 

==>> Show me how to turn vulnerability into strength

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