July’s full moon is known as the Full Thunder Moon thanks to the frequency of thunderstorms in this hot month. With the thunderous changes that have erupted in our personal lives and our global reality over the last four months—from the pandemic to the worldwide standing up to systems of oppression–it feels especially powerful to be celebrating the Thunder Moon together this month.

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Here’s what Miranda Gray says about the purple rays of this Full Thunder Moon: 

“The Deep Purple Ray connects us to the feminine power of manifesting the world around us, especially through our highest ideals and for the good of all. Connected to the Enchantress, it helps us to clear away the old to manifest the positive into the physical world. The Ray also helps us to connect with our highest levels, so we feel guided in this activity.”

The Enchantress is about taking stock so we can clear away the old. On a global level, these past four cataclysmic months have cleared away a lot–and I believe they’ve done so to make way for a new world order.

Has this year been cataclysmic for you on a personal level too?

Not operating from autopilot has given many of us more sense of freedom of choice in our everyday existence.

Because of self-isolation, a lot of us are coming to new insights and awareness.

The pandemic has given us time to think and feel, to see what quiet and space feel like in life, and to become aware of how much the frenzy was fraying our nervous systems. 

Many of us are also examining our own complicity in systems of oppression and actively doing the work to dismantle biases we may not have been aware of before.

Others of us are standing up, speaking our truth, and insisting on being heard in a way that feels new and powerful.

On the heels of these thunderous changes of 2020, what is the truth that’s come into light for you? 

What awareness are you sitting on the brink of? 

What insight is ready to strike lightning into your consciousness? 

What is your new world order going to look like? 

Join me under the Full Thunder Moon to meditate on and engage with these questions. 

It's happening live in the Yoga Goddess Support Circle on Monday, July 6 at 4:45 pm EST / 1:45 pm PST / 9:45 pm UK / 6:45 am Tue July 7 in Sydney, Australia.

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I can’t wait to gather with you for the Full Thunder Moon!

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