The moon is my favourite symbol for the menstrual cycle and the physical and emotional rhythms we women transition through from month to month.

But there’s more than one way for our cycles to synchronise with the moon. In fact, there are 4, and each of those patterns carries not only its own symbolism, but its own insight and guidance about your life path.

If you’re just joining us, here’s a quick recap of each of the menstrual-moon connections:

Possibility #1: White Moon Cycle 

You menstruate with the new moon. You follow the natural cycles of the earth: your body and spirit withdraw into rest and inward focus when the moon goes dark, and when the moon is full and bright, so are you. The White Moon cycle represents the fertile power of women. It’s traditionally considered the cycle of the Nurturer archetype, the ‘good mother’ birthing and nurturing her babies into being. 

Possibility #2: Red Moon Cycle 

You menstruate with the full moon. This is the cycle of the archetypal Wise Woman: the healer, the magic-maker, the wisdom keeper. Your feminine energies are not necessarily focused on giving birth to children; rather your energy is focused on self-actualization, and on using that self-actualization to empower other women. 

Possibility #3: Pink Moon Cycle 

You menstruate with the waxing moon and are aligned with the Maiden archetype. You may be in a transitional phase in your life, growing toward something bigger, fuller, bolder, brighter. Maybe you’re leaving girlhood behind, literally or metaphorically, and figuring out what that means for you. Or perhaps you feel a drive to step out into the world and do something daring. 

Possibility #4: Purple Moon Cycle

The waning moon is aligned with the Enchantress archetype: a wild, fierce, powerful energy that can be deeply spiritual and internal. This cycle can mean a quiet stage of self-reflection and self-discovery, a deeper descent into your inner wisdom, or metamorphosis toward a life stage where you wield your feminine powers in new and more potent ways.

So…what’s it all mean?

I’ve loved hearing from every one of you who has commented in our Facebook Support Circle to let me know how this information resonates with you. It’s thrilling to share this wisdom, to hear your thoughts and experiences in response, and most of all to be part of a community of women who are honouring their bodies, their cycles, and their feminine wisdom so deeply.

You’re saying things like:

– “This describes me exactly.”
– “I thought I was backwards until I found Zahra!”
– “Thank you SO much for this! This is exactly what is happening in my life right now. Reading this just affirmed what is going on.”

And a lot of you have questions.

-What does it mean for my fertility if I’m not on a White Moon cycle?
-What does it mean that my cycle keeps switching between Red Moon and Pink Moon?
-I feel like I’m going through a spiritual awakening / big life transition / a waking-up of my inner woman: how can I use this information to help me find my direction?

**First off, stay tuned for an announcement below that’s going to help you find all these answers.**

But before that, I want to emphasize that there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to bleed with the moon.

Whichever cycle you’re in, it’s the right one for you at this time in your life.

And your cycle can and probably will change throughout different phases of your life.

The whole point of paying attention to your cycle’s relationship to the moon is not to impose hard and fast rules on what that cycle means or should mean.

It’s about noticing, connecting, inquiring–and finding those answers for yourself, within your own body and heart.

Knowing your menstrual-moon cycle is a bit like finding out your Myers-Briggs type.
There’s no “wrong” type, there’s no point in trying to fit yourself into a category you don’t naturally fall into, and there may be aspects of your own type that don’t particularly resonate for you. But the information helps you understand why you are the way you are, allows you to feel compassion for yourself, and enables you to make the best possible decisions for you.

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