June is host to two powerful celestial events: the Full Strawberry Moon on June 5 and the Summer Solstice on June 20. We’re going to celebrate both with our Facebook live meditation on Friday, June 5, and you are invited!

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The June moon was named by Algonquin tribes because it coincides with the time of wild strawberry picking: think the harvest of something luscious and juicy and good…but perhaps hidden, a little hard to find.

Solstice, in turn, marks the longest day and the shortest night of the year, when the Sun is at its highest point in the sky and the moon at its closest distance to the earth.

Solstice is the marriage of light and dark, sun and moon–and, because the sun is an ancient symbol of the masculine and the moon of the feminine–male and female.

There’s been a lot of darkness in our lives over these past months–and especially in the last week.

We’ve struggled through the global crisis of COVID-19, and now we’re facing the ugly truth of systemic racism, in the U.S. and worldwide.

We fear darkness so much that it even manifests in fearing dark skin — on a deep, systemic level.

There’s a lot of positivity in all this, too, though — an uprising of truth and strength, new awakenings for those of us who’ve been complacent or sleeping, radical transformation and calls for change on personal and global scales.

The June moon ray of Aquamarine can help us navigate these challenges and discern our path forward.

Here’s what Miranda Gray says about this month’s moon ray: 

“This beautiful pale blue-green ray brings calming energies to reduce stress and quieten the mind. It connects us to the gentle courage within our soul, softens our intolerance of others, and enhances our intuitive and psychic abilities so that we can navigate the challenges of the world with peace. The Ray gently soothes and brings healing to our injuries on all levels.”

There are opportunities arising within the new reality and state of consciousness we’re all living in.

But like the wild strawberries hidden beneath leaves along woodland paths, it might not be easy to see them–or you might have difficulty discerning which ones are right for you.

Some of the opportunities are physical and tangible, but even more crucial are the opportunities available to you at a soul level.

There’s a deepening of your inner healing work that’s possible right now.

When you use your intuitive abilities, you get to tune into these.

Will you join me under the Full Strawberry Moon to tune in together? 

Our meditation is happening Friday, June 5 at 4:45 pm EST / 1:45 pm PST / 9:45 pm UK / 6:45 am Sat June 6 in Sydney, Australia.

Check your timezone here.

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I can’t wait to gather with you for the Full Strawberry Moon!