The 2003 prophecy that changed my life

“You are a Teacher”

It was November 2003, the weekend of the Santa Clause parade. Along with my friends Gina and Rishma, I had a private class with Yogi Akal, master of numerology and yoga. We did some spinal warm-ups together before Yogi Akal moved to individual numerology readings. I didn’t know much about numerology at the time, but I’d felt compelled to meet this master. It would turn out to be life-changing.

Yogi Akal said to me “You are a teacher.” I looked at him and I said, “No, I’m not a teacher, I am actually in marketing but I’ve been considering doing yoga teacher training for fun.” He looked at me decisively and repeated, “I am telling you, you are a teacher.” I wasn’t convinced so I kept on questioning. With the same intensity he persisted, “You are in a yoga school, talking to a Yogi and you are asking me if you should do yoga teacher training?” I knew, in a place far deeper than my mind, that he was right.

I spent seven days crying after I put my tuition on my credit card and went into debt, for the first time in my life, to become a yoga teacher. My mind was reeling with the commitment I had made without doing any research or any rational decision- making. Me who generally didn’t make any decisions without knowing all my options had committed to over 500 hours of training!

It wasn’t an easy process but I know now what it means to let life work through you. I was born a teacher and when the time was right my teacher appeared to guide me through my process. I feel honoured and blessed to be doing what I’m doing.

And I am so grateful to my friend Rishma Govani whose synchronicity brought me to the right place at the right time, ten years ago – Thank you Rishma! We went to the Santa Claus Parade to mark our 10 year anniversary – that's us with the red noses!

I've been asking myself – Should I offer numerology readings?

I love doing my own numbers.

Every year I sit down and calculate my numerology because I want to know – Will it be a year of learning? A year of love? A good time to make a baby? It helps me prepare for what will flow easily and what will require work. And considering it was a numerology reading that spiraled me forth on my Yoga Goddess path, I know how powerful working with the numbers is.

Which is why I started questioning: Should I offer numerology readings for the New Year?

To help me decide, I reached out to my friend and past client Samantha.

I wanted to know what was so great about doing numerology sessions with me? I was shocked by what she told me:

“You encouraged me to take a leap, and eased my fear around stepping into the role I'm currently in (at work). You also created the vision for the man I wanted in my life. You said I would have him in 2013 and I did.” ~Samantha King, Toronto

Definitely not what I was expecting but I'll take it!

Then I asked another one of my past client's Janice, how our long-ago numerology reading helped her and again I was floored:

“That reading is what got La Sirena (her eco-travel biz in Ecuador) started! You told me that I am a healer, not a teacher as I thought I was, and that opened my mind to the possibilities. It was right after the reading, that the drawing that became my logo and the words I use as a tagline came out like magic. I tell everyone that story, how you got me started with the numerology. I keep the print out you gave me as a precious reminder.” ~Janice Betts, Ecuador

I was smiling big when I read that note from Janice. Like the magic I received from my first numerology reading was passed along to her.


Do you want your numbers read before 2017?

After hearing back from Sam and Janice I decided YES! I will be offering numerology readings in time for the New Year.


Numerology will tell you:

  • Who am I?
  • What are my life lessons?
  • What is my destiny?
  • What am I here to do?
  • How can I change my life?


  • What can I expect in the year ahead?
  • When is a good time to start my family?
  • Should I go back to school?
  • How can I attract love in my life?
  • Should I change my career?
  • As well as help you make sense of past or present challenges

How to book

When you purchase Moon Goddess or book a Womb Blessing, you'll receive a 20 minute numerology reading as my Winter Solstice gift to you.

But hurry! This offer expires when the clock strikes midnight on Friday, December 23rd, 2016.

Love and delight,