We got a brutal reality check this year.

There’s been a whole lot of in-your-face reckoning. 

We were given the opportunity to be with feelings we usually work diligently to turn away from. 

This year, for each one of us as individuals, there’s been no hiding from our deeper sides…and there’s also been a giant facing of facts collectively. 

Isolation brings up what’s hidden in the unconscious realms, and the hard look in the mirror we’ve all been forced to take has been a lot like one giant, uncomfortable, edgy Enchantress phase forcing us to confront what needs to change. 

And now here we are, at the very end of 2020 but also at the beginning (in the Northern Hemisphere) of the Wise Woman or Crone season of the Earth’s annual cycle. 

This is the time to get really still and ask ourselves:

What do I want to change moving forward? How am I committing to make that change?

This reflection phase in the seasonal cycle (like the reflective phase during our bleeding time) is focused on feeling and on inner knowing. 

Feeling the need for change — the right type of change — and then committing to that change. 

As Miranda Gray explains in her book The Optimized Woman, the more vividly we daydream during our reflective phase (either menstrual, lunar, or seasonal), the more our feelings will be enhanced and the more real our imaginings will become to our subconscious. 

Miranda suggests we sit with these questions: 

“What do I feel I need to do differently? What do I feel needs to change and how? What would the outcome be like? How would I feel? Do I feel committed to this change? If not, is it the right change, and what could I change to make it feel right?”

That’s a big part of what this reflective phase is about: daydreaming, imagining, making the change feel real within our own minds and hearts — and then committing to the change we want to make. 

The wintertime, like the menstrual phase, is a time of choosing.  

Deciding, deciphering, distilling, carefully placing our focus on what it is that we want to take root and blossom — so that when the outward energy of springtime arrives, we’re ready to hit the ground running to implement those changes. 

It’s a time of discernment and deep listening.

It’s an active process of sorting through what emerges for us, but it’s also a passive process — because first you have to wait, be in the stillness, and allow what wants to come forth to rise up into consciousness. 

So come meditate with me in this Worldwide Womb Blessing meditation on the Full Cold Moon — and begin to sink into this place of stillness. 

So that you can hear your truth, and begin the process of distilling it and making new choices for new changes to implement in the coming spring of a brand-new year.

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