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Women all over the world are returning to the power of the feminine using Yoga Goddess teachings – and conceiving beautiful babies.

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Successful IVF Pregnancy
with our signature program Moon Goddess

She Manifested Twins with One “Good” Embryo

A bit more than a year ago I started the Moon Goddess program, practicing yoga, positive affirmations and meditations at home. At that time I was preparing myself for my first IVF cycle. I diligently did all the exercises, wrote down my intentions and was working with my soul and body together every day.

I went through the cycle of hormones accepting all of the shots with love and pleasure, knowing they are bringing me closer to the goal. Mid-September was the egg retrieval day. 9 eggs were fertilized. We were happy! Although 3 days after, on the embryo transfer day, they did not agree to transfer more than 1 embryo, as I am younger than 30, healthy and had no failed IVF before. I really wanted to both increase my chances for the successful cycle AND to have twins:). But I accepted it and went home full of love to the small embryo inside of me. None of the embryos left in the lab made it, as they were of a very poor quality and would not make it to be frost and thawed. I was devastated. Thanks to my amazing husband and my positive affirmations I made it to pull back together and hope and pray that the little one inside me will make it!

12 days before my first beta… pregnant! I couldn’t believe it. 48h later the beta stopped growing and increasing. The verdict was “chemical pregnancy”…I was devastated again. The next day I pulled myself together and came back to meditations of Moon Goddess with tears on my eyes and went to the final beta to talk to the doctor to see what to do next. And…the beta increased, doubled then tripled and so on until at week 6 appointment they saw 2 sacs.  Now we are so happy and grateful to God for our amazing, healthy, gorgeous twin girls!

Infertility is the toughest thing I ever went through. I am grateful to all the techniques you gave me, Zahra, that were outstanding additional help in tough times. My babies are almost 3 months old and I am looking at them and still amazed that I was chosen for such an incredible gift! Love and Blessings – Maria

It’s still so surreal to be pregnant.

I wanted to share an update and to thank you, because after 6 IUIs and 1 IVF over the course of 3 years, after changing clinics to one that was a better fit for us, doing acupuncture, taking supplements, changing jobs and my diet, after listening to several visualization resources including yours, at age 37.5 we are now 17 weeks pregnant! I was quite OCD about my period for a long time, thinking it was dirty rather than something amazing. When I learned to see it differently it really changed things. It is still so surreal to be pregnant. Feeling very blessed. Again thank you for the work you do.
Christine, Canada

More IVF Success with Moon Goddess

I am now 3 months pregnant!

“I was tired of fighting and doing all the things I felt I had to do every day… saying my 10 blessings, praying, being grateful, doing yoga, eating properly. This program felt right and I was more able to relax and somehow I think that was what made the difference. I am now 3 months pregnant and am expected to deliver around 17th of February. We succeeded with our 2nd IVF attempt in May.”
Lia, Denmark


“When we last spoke I was about to start on IVF.  I’m happy to report I got pregnant on that first cycle! Having your program in those early days really helped me to stay grounded. Zahra thank you for being an angel to those of us seeking to birth our motherhood in a more conscious way.
Ragini, Australia

I finally got my miracle...

“I finally got my miracle at the age of fifty-two. It was our last frozen embryo after 14 years on this roller coaster of fertility treatments. I worked hard and had tremendous faith to make it happen… now I have a beautiful little girl and I’m very grateful for my journey, even if it was a very difficult one.
Kelly, Canada

Peace of mind...

Before working with Zahra, I had a lot of stress and anxiety around ovulation and my period, and a sense of hopelessness and pessimism towards life. I now feel much healthier, especially through the physical practice where I have improved my flexibility. I’m sleeping normally and deeply. This work brought me peace of mind, a greater connection with myself and my body, and a greater sense of wellness.
Preethi, India

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Successful IVF Pregnancy
with Zahra as your Private Fertility Coach

Success With One Last IVF – Tanya’s Story

Before working with me Tanya had only one IVF left. She had already done two fresh IVFs; the first one resulted in a pregnancy, but ended in a miscarriage. The second one unfortunately resulted in having no embryos to transfer. She was feeling hopeless and her head was full of negative feelings of treatment failure. She realized that she was putting an immense amount of time, effort and money into IVF and she needed to be in a good mental place in order to really give it her all. Though she had tried meditation and visualizations in the past, she felt she needed a little extra help. After working with me Tanya went into her treatment feeling positive that it would work – and it did!

It’s Not All About Science – Bella’s Story

We had been trying to conceive for 5 years. In year 3 of trying , we had an IVF. I thought it would be the answer since it was the most scientifically sophisticated. But we failed. I was left heartbroken and hopeless. That was when I realized it wasn’t all about science.

A few years ago I realized I had unresolved issues around two abortions I had when I was much younger. I starting working with Zahra and Moon Goddess to heal my spirit and make peace with my past. A couple years later we did another IVF, which failed again. I spent another year healing myself and focusing on natural fertility methods. But I was reaching the point of letting go of the journey even though it was not what I truly wanted. I couldn’t continue torturing myself and my husband when the outcomes were always negative.

My mother persuaded me to try one more IVF last fall. As I was preparing myself with diet, exercise, herbs and acupuncture, I realized that if I didn’t have faith that it would work, it wouldn’t work. Based on my past experiences with IVF I was definitely lacking in confidence.

I hired Zahra before and during my final IVF, to recover my faith in my body and the belief that we would succeed. The body prayer meditations twice a day helped me achieve this. We worked through my doubts and fears one by one and overcame everything that would stand in the way of my positive attitude. Zahra created a meditation revolving around the mother energy and unconditional love I felt from my own mother, and it brought me true peace of mind. Also towards the end of my two week wait I had an SOS call. It was one of my most difficult weeks, but after the call I was in a good place and prepared for both outcomes.

And the outcome was a positive.

I have overcome so many obstacles to conceive. Doctors have said I have low ovarian reserves, poor egg quality, and adenomyosis. My husband had low sperm motility  and morphology. After years of failing my confidence in our ability to conceive was low. But that was actually the key missing component. No matter how good the doctor is and what kind of treatments you do, it won’t work if you don’t have the right attitude. Zahra helped us overcome that biggest obstacle. She helped me rediscover my belief in miracles and the magic of creating life.

Success After Ectopic Pregnancy & Loss

Meet Lindsey! Lindsey miscarried, lost a tube and successfully conceived and carried her son after IVF.

Worth. Every. Penny

Feeling the little girl in my belly playing soccer as I write this!!!! I’m 25 weeks pregnant. Zahra helped me to uncover deep, subconscious, unhelpful beliefs and taught me how to release them. I was amazed at how emotionally safe I felt with her via an online connection. Worth. Every. Penny.
Joanne, Canada

Pregnancy After 40 – Rachel’s Story

When Rachel stopped trying to fix herself she became friends with her body, and she conceived! Her son was born from a frozen embryo saved from a long ago IVF cycle.

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Natural Conception (Some After 40!)
with our signature program Moon Goddess

We couldn’t be happier…

Over the course of 4 years, I had 2 miscarriages, 3 surgeries, and 11 rounds of treatment (IUI and IVF) to no avail. We conceived Sam after 3 months of Moon Goddess!!

I’d normally have been awash in anxiety during the pregnancy, worried about all that I know can go wrong and fearing the worst. Instead, I decided I was going to enjoy, revel, and even luxuriate in being pregnant.

After 20 hours of labour, I delivered a beautiful, perfect baby boy on Christmas Day. We couldn’t be happier.

I fully credit your program with changing my mindset about my body and my fertility, which I’m sure is the reason I conceived naturally after 4 years of struggle, 50K of treatments, and 2 miscarriages.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Lisa, Kingston

I have great news!


I have great news! After three years of trying I just found out Friday I’m finally pregnant. Your Moon Goddess yoga and meditation worked!
Yuko, Toronto


I started Moon Goddess to get rid of my cysts so I could be fertile and eventually have children. Success! I really feel that Moon Goddess helped me to move into this new phase of my life. Because now I’m pregnant!
Karima, Toronto

I found the support I needed...

Guess what??? I’m expecting a BABY! After doing the program for one month, I had normal cycles again! No more weird 14 day cycles. I felt like I had found the support, encouragement, exercise, information and positive point of view that I needed.
Elizabeth, Colorado, USA

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Need More Support? Conceive Naturally
with Zahra as your Private Fertility Coach

Working with Zahra is worth it…

Before working with you, I mourned every time my bleeding began and had no connection to my cycles or feminine wisdom. I was filled with doubt that my body would ever be capable of conceiving and successfully carrying a pregnancy to term.

I was also concerned whether I could afford private fertility coaching and if it was worth the money. I worried this would be one more desperate goose chase–another fad to try. And that my science brained partner wouldn’t understand or appreciate how important the spiritual work or holistic approach is to me and my well being–so he wouldn’t be supportive.

Sometimes during our work I felt frustrated and defensive but you helped me work through it and lay down the barriers and fears that I was holding onto including childhood trauma, other people’s baggage, and the fact that I was hiding from my own self. I felt a lost sense of peace and joy return to me irrespective of pregnancy and I was happy to just be me–not pregnant–not trying–just me living in the present.

Our work together helped me change how I viewed the process of having a baby and helped me release the sense of longing and desperation and hopelessness that had started to consume me cycle after cycle. I learned to listen to the wisdom within and to trust myself and my body. I discovered parts of me that had been suppressed for a very long time, reconnected to them and I feel whole. Just after the moment in our work together when I finally felt the true joy of just being myself and I surrendered everything else to destiny, it happened. Working with you is worth  it not only for the outcome of pregnancy (which is huge!) but for the gift of reconnecting with one’s self and finding the joy and wisdom within.


The right approach for me…

I’m pregnant! First cycle trying again. Taking a break and focusing my energy on a positive angle via the meditation and intention was probably the most important for me. Seeing my body respond (no more spotting, cycle lengthening and aligning with the moon – it totally did that!) reinforced that this was the right approach for me.
Andrea, Toronto

Put my mind at ease…

Last week we got to hear our baby’s heartbeat for the first time. In all of this, what you helped me with the most is putting my mind at ease. After feeling better about everything as a result of the work we did, I was able to be more calm, positive, and driven at the Fertility Clinic appointments. Thank you!
Wendy, Toronto

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Healing Your Cycle

It worked!

I didn’t menstruate for 2 years from the age of 24-26.  I came to your workshop to heal my halted flow. I knew I wasn’t honouring my body and was having a hard time making a change. You encouraged us to take closer look at the moon, and to keep a journal where we record the simultaneous happenings in our bodies alongside the changing faces of the moon. After doing this along with other self care regimes, I got my period back!! The information you gave me in an afternoon has stuck so closely with me for 3 years and I repeat it to female and male friends often. The awareness I garnered from your class is invaluable.  Thank you, thank you.
Jess, Toronto

Aligned with the moon...

My periods are now aligned with the moon and they have NEVER been like that (not even regular). It must have been the strong intention of your Moon Goddess class that has had this affect on me. This is my only explanation!
Jennifer, Toronto

My body feels stronger...

Since doing the program I’m ovulating earlier, my cycle is syncing up with the moon phases, and I’m feeling more connected to the divine energy. My body feels stronger and I have more positive fertile thoughts.
Sonja, Santa Rosa

Open to the idea of a miracle...

I feel more positive, happy and optimistic. A colleague recently remarked I looked stunning, which proved to me that my inner feeling of well-being was obviously showing outwardly too! This work has guided me towards awareness of these thoughts and trying to guide my feelings towards openness to the idea of a miracle.

Helped my headaches...

Zahra’s program helped my headaches and made me more aware of my body, my intentions, and my womb connection with the moon. I felt like it gave me a positive fertility lens to look through that I did not receive through conventional westernized medicine.
Michelle, California, USA

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