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If your sense of womanhood has been hurt in any way, whether through miscarriage or infertility, through period problems, or simply through the daily small and large realities of living as a feminine being in a masculine world, I hope you’ll be inspired by the story I want to tell you today.

Harnessing a supernova

This is the story of my client Ariel. Ariel is a lawyer, so she works in a male-dominated field where masculine qualities are rewarded and there isn’t much place for anything that can’t be proven or quantified.

When Ariel was first trying to conceive, she approached conception from the same linear, task-oriented perspective she’d always used to succeed.

It didn’t work.

After years of trying, many tests, and repeated reassurances from doctors that there was nothing wrong, Ariel knew she needed a different approach. A feminine approach.

Here’s the next step she took, in Ariel’s own words:

“I started to work with Zahra to help me to reconnect with the more feminine aspects of myself (and with the divine feminine herself!) Late last year I had a couple of Womb Blessings. They were great; I felt more connected to myself and the universe and more at peace.”

And this stronger connection to herself opened the way for a powerful hit of intuition.

Even though she’d already had one laparoscopy and the doctors had declared her pelvis “pristine,” Ariel felt strongly that she needed a second laparoscopy to check again if she had endometriosis.

Trusting her instinct, Ariel convinced her doctor to perform the surgery. They found stage II endometriosis, and they were able to address it surgically.

“To me, this represented a new start. I wanted to honour this fresh start and help my healing so I scheduled another Womb Blessing with Zahra.”

This most recent Womb Blessing was just a few week ago, not long after Ariel’s recovery from surgery.

Ariel says: “Nothing could have prepared me for what I experienced. The power Zahra and I were able to tap into was nothing short of extraordinary. It was like we had somehow managed to harness a supernova. The imagery that came through was so beautiful, clear and powerful.”

I love so many things about this story.

The conscious journey from a male-oriented way of thinking and doing to a softer, heart-centered feminine way of listening and being.

The intuition that came through so clearly.

Advocating for a surgery she had already done, when there was no logical reason for a different outcome.

I believe Ariel’s post-surgery Womb Blessing was so potent not only because the Womb Blessing energy tends to be cumulative (in my experience, Womb Blessings have a greater effect the more you do), but because when Ariel trusted and acted on her intuition, she was taking a giant step into her feminine power.

Miranda Gray says each time you receive a Womb Blessing it’s like a layer of “dirt” is removed from your energy field as a woman.

You see, any time our femininity has been hurt, denied, repressed, shamed or hidden, our light gets covered up.

Womb Blessings and distant Womb Energizers clear away the blocks to your feminine light and help your vibrancy to SHINE through from deep within your being as a woman.

That’s exactly what happened for Ariel.

“I don’t know when my baby will find me,” she says, “but having the experience of that Womb Blessing, I have become certain that miracles are possible.”

This is your birthright as a daughter of the Divine Feminine: to feel empowered and loving, NOT hardened and trying to control it all.

And it’s why I’ve become such a passionate advocate for Womb Blessings.

Whether you’re trying to conceive, are done having kids or have chosen not to — whether you want to activate your creative powers as a woman, heal from trauma, or simply make peace with your period — a Womb Blessing helps you repair your relationship with your female body and clear away the blocks to your feminine light.

I offer in-person Womb Blessings and distance Womb Energizers–and right now I’m even throwing in my complete Moon Charting Mastery program ($77 value) at no charge.

It’s time to heal your relationship with your female body in a way that will forever change you.

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