As a culture, we’ve come a long way when it comes to periods.

We have period emojis. Menstrual products have been declared essential items and the sales tax removed. And a documentary about period shame just took home an Oscar!

But at a personal level, how do you feel in relationship to your period?

On our March full moon live cast, we’ll be breathing beautiful healing energies into our lives and wombs…including our menstrual cycles.

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When your period arrives, is your first reaction still oh shit, or has that evolved for you?

The oh shit reaction is likely connected to the old way you’ve always reacted, maybe all the way back to the very first time you saw that telltale stain in your undies.

You feel like oh shit because your period is such an inconvenience…

Because it’s painful…

Maybe because you’re trying to get pregnant and your period is a big flashing symbol that you’re not.

Because it makes you feel angry, disappointed, out of control.

Something that happens to you every single month from puberty — the thing that’s supposed to make you a woman — should NOT be wrecking your life.

So what if your period didn’t have to make you feel like crap?

On the Full Equinox Moon, we’re gathering on Facebook live to meditate in the lilac moon rays of March alongside Miranda Gray’s Worldwide Full Moon Meditation.

We’ll be celebrating the feminine and breathing beautiful healing energies into our lives and wombs… including our menstrual cycles.

Miranda offers this meditation as a gift of light from the Moon Mother.

Each month, we breathe different coloured rays of moonlight into our womb to bring healing to all levels of our being.

The colour for March is lilac. In Miranda’s words: “Lilac…bring us the higher female energies of purity, wisdom, compassion and oneness. The light illuminates who we truly are bringing a respect and gratitude for all life.”

Under the Full Equinox Moon you will:

  • Breathe in the light that has the gentle power to dissolve all your lower patterns with ease and gentleness.
  • Let go of the restrictions that limit your female expression.
  • Breathe beautiful energy into your life and womb, so you can begin to embrace ALL of what makes you a woman…including your period.

Here’s what’ll happen on the live cast:

  • We’ll start by connecting with all of the women who’ve come together live, forming our worldwide virtual circle as we introduce ourselves and share what’s brought us here, whether that’s period pain, infertility, or a desire to connect more deeply with the feminine.
  • I’ll guide you through the Full Moon Ray Meditation.
  • We’ll share what came up for us during the meditation, supporting and virtually holding our sisters.

You’ll want to be somewhere comfortable and quiet so you can get the full benefit of the meditation.

Miranda suggests decorating a corner with lilac colours, wrapping yourself in a lilac shawl, and placing a bowl nearby to symbolize your womb.

It's happening on Thursday, March 21 at 5:45 pm EST / 2:45pm PST / 10:45pm UK / 8:45am on Fri, March 22 in Sydney.


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