Feminine energy awakening: even a few years ago this term didn’t make a lot of sense. You’d get funny looks if you used it. You’d have to explain it. Now? I’m seeing it everywhere. Because the time is ripe…and feminine energy is awakening. 

So that’s what we’re celebrating on the upcoming Full Sap Moon, which just happens to land on International Women’s Day. 

==>> Join me to celebrate feminine energy awakening on International Women’s Day!


By the time the Full Sap Moon rises, I’ll be in Cancun with Miranda Gray at the third annual international gathering of Moon Mothers — women who’ve been called to help women awaken to their authentic femininity and who’ve been trained to transmit the Womb Blessing energy.

The first time Miranda held a Womb Blessing, she expected 60 people. She got hundreds, and from there it rapidly grew into the thousands and now hundreds of thousands. There are 6,000 Moon Mothers transmitting the energy worldwide. 

Women are aching to reconnect with the feminine that’s been denigrated, shamed, wounded, and lost after millenia of patriarchy. 

They’re hearing the call to return, they’re rising up, they’re stepping into the fully empowered, sensual, sexual, creative, spiritual feminine beings they are. 

I see it in my own work all the time now too, so many women finding me because they’re actively searching for this information. 

The Sap Moon is named for the sap that begins to flow in the Northern Hemisphere this time of year. There’s still snow on the ground, the earth hasn’t quite awakened from its winter sleep, and yet here — running through the maples in the form of sap to be turned into syrup — is the promise of a delicious spring. 

It’s the perfect metaphor as the earth completes its transition into springtime awakening and the Maiden. 

The Moon Ray colours for this month are Bright Fire-Red and Orange. Here’s what Miranda Gray says about it: 

“The Bright Fire-Red and Orange Ray connects us to feminine power and determination. It fills our womb with the energy to dance in life, to be sensual, to change without fear, and to shape our path ahead. Like a dragon the energy rushes through us, opening our wings of power, and we shine brightly from our heart out into our life!”

Now that is some feminine energy awakening! 

When you join me for the Full Moon Meditation, I’ll lead you through the Moon Ray Meditation of Bright Fire-Red and Orange. 

You’ll find our meditation in the Yoga Goddess Facebook Support Circle on International Women’s Day: Sunday, March 8 at 12:45 pm EST / 9:45 am PST /  4:45 pm GMT / 10:15 pm IST.

Check your timezone here.

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I can’t wait to meditate with you!