Sometimes I feel like giving up. Just when I think everything is falling into place something unexpected happens to dash my hopes. And I wonder: Will things ever work out?

If you're on the fertility journey I know you can relate. When you're trying to get pregnant month after month you question whether it will ever happen.

So how do you hold onto hope in the face of regular disappointment?

It's hard but not impossible. When I feel the hopelessness descending I roll out my yoga mat and take a seat on my meditation cushion. The Meditation for Trust is one I turn to often. And I would love to share it with you today.

Try the Meditation for TrustMeditation_for_Trust

Anytime you feel like you're losing trust in yourself or in the process you can practice the Meditation for Trust. It's from the Kundalini Yoga tradition which if you haven't tried you'll be amazed at how quickly it shifts you out of negativity.

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Heal the Hidden Causes of Infertility – Free Training!

Molly_NicholsOn Thursday January 15th at 1pm EST (10am PST), I am delighted to announce that Molly Nichols has invited me to share my free training ‘Healing the Hidden Causes of Infertility'.

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When Molly read my eBook Fertility Secrets of the Female Body she loved my perspectives on healing infertility so much she graciously offered to host this live training call.

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▪ How to release unhealed pain from past miscarriages, failed IUI and IVF cycles –To Increase trust and belief in your body’s ability to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term.

▪ How to stop experiencing your period as a sign of disappointment and failure each month — and why having a loving relationship with your menstrual cycle is essential to healing infertility.

▪ How a unique fertility yoga and meditation practice can balance your hormones (FSH, estrogen and progesterone) and increase blood flow to your uterus — Shown to increase your chances of pregnancy by upwards of 50%.

▪ How to bring the joy back into making a baby in both your natural and treatment cycles — So you can conceive your baby from a place of love, rather than tension, stress or anxiety.

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