The June Full Strawberry Moon has arrived, and I have a beautiful meditation for you! It's from Miranda Gray’s Worldwide Full Moon Meditation for the June moon ray of orange, and it's all about building new female heart- and womb-centred communities. 

This is an especially important meditation to take part in, because building new ways of being together in supportive, female-centric community is so vital to our lives and our world today.

New ways centered around us as feminine beings, in close connection with our cyclical nature, our menstrual cycles, our wombs, and the moon.

I love what Miranda Gray says about June’s moon ray:

The Moon Ray of Orange holds the energy of acceptance, of attraction and of coming together in families and communities. When we breathe this ray into our womb we generate emotional warmth and joy and a deep sense of belonging. And our energised womb attracts others to us of a similar energy to build new female heart- and womb-centred communities across the world.

If you’re a member of our Yoga Goddess Facebook Support Circle, you’ve been part of the growing number of women coming together there from all over the world.

And if you’ve been around Yoga Goddess for long, you know how passionate I am about women embracing their relationship to the moon and their relationship with their cycles–and what a game-changer I believe this embodied understanding is for us as women…whether or not we’re trying to conceive.

If you are trying to conceive, I hope you'll accept my invitation to embrace a new way of becoming your own fertility expert through deepening your relationship with the moon and your cycle. Learn all about that HERE.

And now…here's what to expect in the Full Strawberry Moon meditation below:

  • We’ll start by connecting with all the women who’ve come together, whether live or in the replay, forming our worldwide virtual circle as we introduce ourselves and share where we're yearning for the support of female community in our lives.
  • I’ll guide you through Miranda Gray’s Full Moon Ray Meditation especially for the June full moon.
  • We’ll reflect on what came up for us during the meditation–have a journal handy!

Just click play to start watching: