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I’d like to tell you about one of my most recent coaching clients, Bella. After 6 years of trying, Bella’s faith in miracles was restored when she conceived just two months after saying YES to actively transforming her mindset about her fertility. Hers is an IVF success story, and I think you’ll find it inspiring!

Bella’s story of IVF conception:

From a medical perspective, Bella and her husband were far from ideal candidates for IVF. Bella had low ovarian reserve, poor egg quality, and adenomyosis. Her husband had low sperm motility and morphology. 3 years ago they decided to try their first IVF.

“I thought it would be the answer since it was the most scientifically sophisticated,” Bella told me. “We left it as the last resort. But we failed. I was left heartbroken and hopeless. That was when I realized it wasn’t all about science.”

She started looking for ways to heal both her body and soul. That search led her to me.

Through our work, she realized that she had unresolved issues around two abortions she’d had when she was much younger. We healed her spirit and she made peace with her past and continued trying to conceive naturally.

That was in 2014. But when Bella decided to try IVF again 2 years later, it didn’t work.

“I had done everything in my power to conceive yet nothing happened. I was reaching the point of letting go of the journey even though it was not what I truly wanted. I couldn’t continue torturing myself and my husband when the outcomes were always negative. I wanted to just live my life without this burden hanging over me. We tried, and we tried to ‘not try.’ It was too much pressure.”

One Final IVF

When she called me this past November, Bella told me she’d all but given up. Her mother had persuaded her to try one more IVF, but it was a last-ditch attempt, just to satisfy her mom. She had little confidence that it would actually work. So she asked me if I thought I could help her.

I said that if she was just going through the motions, the IVF was likely to fail. If she wanted the outcome to be different, she needed to create different circumstances, too.

And so, just 2 months ago, Bella said YES to my support.

Before and during her final IVF, Bella and I focused on healing her adenomyosis, visualizing her eggs abundant and healthy and restoring her belief that this final IVF could and would work.

And the initial results? She had 2 first grade embryos (never-before achieved).

Then in our final session (before her transfer), I guided her to embrace her “mother energy,” taking the unconditional love she’d always felt from her mother and channelling it toward her own future child. This specific meditation was the turning point for Bella, because it made becoming a mother real for her.

Equipped with her Body Prayer + 4 weeks of support calls that included many powerful visualizations, 3 SOS calls later Bella felt ready for her IVF, regardless of the outcome.

She wrote later:

“No matter how good the doctor is and what kind of treatments you do, it won’t work if you don’t have the right attitude. Zahra helped us overcome that biggest obstacle. She helped me rediscover my belief in miracles and the magic of creating life.”

At the beginning of January, Bella sent me a beautiful thank-you email with her 7-week ultrasound attached.

I would love for you to be my next success story! Apply to work with me as your private fertility coach.

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