Yesterday I shared with you the number 1 problem of being a masculine woman. If you missed it, you can catch up here.

The second problem of being a masculine woman is related to all the ‘trying’ you’re up to. Whether it’s trying to get pregnant, trying to make your marriage work, or trying to find a relationship that fulfills you, you need to pay attention to problem #2 of being a masculine woman: trying doesn’t work.

As I explained yesterday, the goal-oriented approach of working harder and doing more is the masculine way. And yes, you can use your masculine yang energy at work to be successful, but it won’t help you in your intimate relationships or baby-making endeavors.

“Trying” through the masculine paradigm means you’re attempting to solve or fix a problem by using effort.

Have you noticed that the harder you try, the less passion, spontaneity, connection and intimacy you feel?

Sex becomes more of a job. You aren’t genuinely interested in the person sitting across from you. The tick-tock of your clock becomes the primary motivator of everything you do.

And if you’re honest with yourself, you feel robotic, because you’re just doing what you think will get you the outcome you want.

This applies to marathon-dating or timing intercourse or just going through the daily motions of married life.

When you’re in your head, trying to fix the problem, you can’t be present in your body or your heart. Intimacy wanes and that once-loving connection turns sour.

And if you’re trying to get something that feels out of reach, you begin to feel obsessed.Jealous of other women who have what you don’t. Angry with life (or your partner) for depriving you. Disconnected from the person you once knew yourself to be.

Surrender and letting-go seem impossible for you, yet deep down you know if you don’t soften your grip you won’t find the inner peace to let what you want in.

Tomorrow I’ll share problem #3 of being a masculine woman. I’ll also share how to turn off the anxiety, stress and focus on failure (that comes from not being able to let go) and turn on your feminine power of allowing. Ease and effortlessness are your birthright.

Stay tuned! I’ll fill you in on the rest tomorrow…

Love and delight,