As women, we’re taught to work hard, be successful in our careers, raise a picture-perfect family, keep a picture-perfect home, work out, eat healthy, and look good.

Basically: be Superwoman.

It’s exhausting just thinking about it!

And that’s the first problem of being a masculine woman: all your energy is spent trying to do it all, and do it perfectly. There is no room for imperfection, no room for vulnerability.

So you keep doing more to try and get it “right.”

Whether it's your fertility, your marriage, or landing the right relationship, you keep working harder, yet nothing seems to work out the way you want. You’re left feeling hurt–maybe even angry and hopeless.

That’s when frustration sets in. It's no wonder you feel angry when it looks like everyone else has it so easy!

Here's the problem:

We've been taught that hard work, commitment and follow-through always yield results.

But that's the masculine, goal-oriented, yang way of doing rather than the feminine, receptive, yin way of being.

If you know how to work from the feminine, instead of feeling depleted and disappointed you know how to be generative–to create and attract from the centre of your being.

Feminine energy is alluring, attractive and receptive.

But when you’re working through the masculine, you try to use power and bossy, authoritarian energy to demand what you want.

And it just doesn’t work that way.

You can’t demand a baby.

You can’t demand that a man love you.

You can’t command him to treat you right.

You have to open to receive it.

Follow along to problem #2 of being a masculine woman. This one is a biggie because it closes you off to receiving, which ultimately disconnects you from getting what you want most.


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