Coming together energetically to meditate is more important now than ever. The earth needs healing and we have the opportunity to contribute to her rebirth! Please join me live in the Yoga Goddess Facebook Support Circle for the Full Pink Moon. It's a supermoon with a magenta moon ray that connects us with who we are as female expressions of the Divine. 

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When the coronavirus really began to hit worldwide, I was in the jungle outside Cancun with Miranda Gray and 40 other Moon Mothers. 

While it was strange to be keeping our distance from one another while in community and transmitting healing, it was a privilege to be with Miranda and so many awakened women as the global crisis unfolded. 

Because in the midst of crisis — in spite of the fear and uncertainty and pain — a new feminine vibration is awakening on the earth. 

Each woman's womb is connected to the earth, Miranda says. As each woman’s womb gets awakened to the Divine Feminine vibration, wherever we reside we are awakening the Divine Feminine vibration in that part of the earth. The more women who are awakened, the more it affects the earth where they live: a chain reaction of all these women's wombs working together to awaken the feminine in the collective consciousness.  

For millennia we’ve ravaged the earth…just like for millennia we’ve ravaged women and denigrated the feminine. 

The results of a solely masculine paradigm have been exploitation. 

Now — for the earth and for our stressed-out on-the-go lives — there’s a reprieve. Planes have been grounded. Cars are off the roads. We have all been asked to stay home, to stop going and doing and moving, to be still.

It’s a very feminine response to a very masculine abuse. 

As one of our Moon Goddess Mentorship Program sisters said on our most recent new moon call, this is the first time we’re faced with a crisis and the answer is to not do anything. To stop and just be.

The earth is finally getting to exhale. The water is becoming clear in places. Wildlife is returning. 

When I meditate — even when I sleep — I can feel the earth’s changed vibration. The vibration in the atmosphere is different because people have had to stop. 

When I meditate I feel an incredible sense of bliss. 

And I believe we’re going to emerge in a completely different reality. 

Capitalism — this system that benefits only a small majority — is broken. Industry is unsustainable. The economy is on pause. 

Everything is up for reconfiguration: how we go to work, how we go to school, how we shop and travel and live and consume. 

It’s important to acknowledge that how we've been living is not working — and this is an opportunity for a makeover, a collapse and rebuild.

And so the question is: what kind of world do we want to build? 

When we were in the jungle together, Miranda Gray said to us: “Each one of you is an expression of the Divine Feminine,” and I felt it profoundly. 

I as an individual person am an expression of the Divine Feminine. In the jungle, I felt I was being held in the arms of the Mother. 

So as the Full Pink Moon approaches, I invite you to join me. Relax into the Divine Mother’s embrace for you in this place of wilderness, this place of uncertainty — this place of rebirth. 

Here’s what Miranda says about the Magenta Ray of this Full Pink Moon: 

“The Magenta Ray fills us with deep love and higher spiritual awareness. It connects us with our soul and who we are as female expressions of the Divine. It lifts our consciousness gently to the higher knowledge of the Crone and to her wisdom so that we can bring her vision into the world through love.”

Our meditation is happening live in the Yoga Goddess Facebook Support Circle on Tuesday, April 7 at 5:45 pm EST / 2:45 pm PST / 10:45 pm BST / 7:45 am AET on Wed, Apr 8.

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I can’t wait to meditate with you!

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