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This week I’ve been sharing Anna’s story with you.

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Anna is a woman in the Yoga Goddess community who reached out to me for a Womb Blessing after years of fertility challenges.

She had come to see these challenges as mere symptoms of deeper unresolved issues.

She wanted a Womb Blessing not only because she was trying to conceive but because she wanted to heal and connect deeply with her female soul.

Hers was one of the most powerful distance Womb Blessings I have ever experienced, so I was eager to know what changes she felt in the weeks that followed. Was the Womb Blessing continuing to have a powerful effect after the fact?

The answer?


And there was one instance in particular that Anna wanted to share with me. 

Here’s what she said:

“The first time my partner and I made love after the Womb Blessing was an experience I will cherish as long as I live. I was so deeply moved that I was in tears (happy ones).

“I felt embraced by a unique sense of peace, as if God was holding me in his hands, as if all the polarities had vanished, as if I had been reconciled with everyone and everything, my past, my future, my parents, life, God, everything. 

“We were lying in bed for hours when my partner said that he could see our bodies sparkling as if they were made of gold. (Believe me, this is not the kind of thing my partner would normally say!) I knew exactly what he meant because I had the same vision of my womb glowing and blooming.

“I later fell asleep and had the most happy, vivid and colorful dreams in years.

“This sense of magic has stayed with me ever since but at the same time I feel very grounded. 

“I am over-energised, handling and resolving issues that I had left hanging over my head for months or even years.”

She ended with these words:

“Life is flowing!”

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Anna’s experience has reinforced for me what a potent healing process the Womb Blessing is. And that means I’m more eager than ever to see its effects in even more lives.

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