Yesterday I introduced you to Anna, the woman who reached out to me for a Womb Blessing after 2 miscarriages, 1 ectopic, 2 failed IVFs, an abusive relationship, and finally connecting with her female soul and meeting her true love — at 45!

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Today I want to tell you about Anna’s Womb Blessing.

Anna lives in Athens, Greece, and I am in Canada, so there was no question that this was going to be a distance Womb Blessing for her.

She had some concerns about this initially, as many of my distance clients do — how will this work over the phone, and will it feel remote and disconnected?

But she prepared by spending a wonderful afternoon near the Acropolis with her partner, lovingly selecting the stones she would place on each of her womb energy centres during our Womb Blessing. She felt at peace and accepting of the distance arrangement as her only option.

I always begin a first-time Womb Blessing with a 25-minute consultation. Here’s what Anna says about hers:

“The consultation that preceded the Blessing was one of the most significant consultations I have ever experienced. I was amazed at how quickly you connected with me and were able to discern the essence of the story I was sharing with you.

“I remember how moved I felt
early on in the session when you remarked that my story was beautiful. I had never perceived my story as such. Your phrase marked a healing shift in my own perception, which I have embraced ever since.”

During the session she felt my presence so strongly that her concerns about the distance vanished completely — and not only the concerns, but the distance itself.

She felt so close to me, it really was as though we were side by side.

“After your initial remarks you gracefully led me to this space of inner knowing. I don’t think I have ever felt so connected with my inner wisdom and intuition. I am usually over-analytical, constantly reexamining my thoughts and second-guessing myself. But there is also this sacred space of “just knowing” which I rarely enter because of my overactive mind. This is where you led me into during our session.

“There was something so honest, caring, solid, firm and unwavering in your words, something so wise (and I don’t use this word lightly) that I found myself revisiting this sacred space within minutes.

“After our consultation I felt so open and serene that I gratefully received the Blessing and Healing like a divine gift.”

Anna’s Womb Blessing was a truly incredible experience for me too. It really did feel like we were in the same room.

The energy flowed so powerfully through my whole body — it was as though I were in Greece channeling the goddess Athena herself!

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So wherever you are in the world, whether you’re trying to conceive or need to heal your relationship with your female soul, your female body, or the Divine Feminine, I can help you access this sacred space, too.

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