As many of you know, I’ve been getting really into Astrology lately. As a moon lover, taking the time to learn about the influence other planets have on us, has been a natural progression.

I’m so happy to be sharing my next round of astrological affirmations with you. This time we’ll focus on clarity and good decision-making during Mercury square Neptune.

If you’ve been following the astrological movements in the sky, you know that Mercury went retrograde on the 29th of May. And we have two upcoming squares to the planet of Neptune, which are coming up on June 5th and July 6th, and one that’s already behind us (May 22nd). 

Maybe you’ve been feeling the effects of planet Neptune, a dreamy planet connecting us with our intuition and our dreams at night. When Mercury goes retrograde, it’s easy to lose track of our logical mind, rational thinking so you can easily get kind of tricked or duped or led into bad decisions, bad choices. This happened to me in the summer of 2015, when I fell prey to a spiritual con-artist and broke it off with my then partner (we had just decided to get married).

To help you stay connected with good sense and a clear mind, I have put together another series of affirmations to get you through the confusion that’s sure to come.

Just click below to access the video!