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Authoritarian Saturn, the planet that seeks to uphold the status quo at all costs, has been duking it out in the sky with revolutionary Uranus, who wants to overthrow convention and clear space for the never-been-done-before.

We can see how this stand off has been playing out in the collective by the polarization of democrats vs. republicans in the US elections, to white supremacy vs. black lives matter in the racial divide, to coronavirus non-believers and anti-maskers to those who believe only vaccines can save us in the pandemic. Basically, there have been a lot of conflicting points of view!

What is a square? A square is a 90 degree astrological angle or aspect that represents the energy of confrontation and imminent change. So what happens when there is a clash between: 

The Old vs The New

Constriction vs Freedom

Rules vs Rebellion?

=>Unavoidable Change. 

These two planets have been in a tug of war all year, making it the most important transit of 2021!

Dates of Exact Squares for 2021: 

February 17

June 14

December 24  

You might be wondering: how do we smooth out this bumpy roller coaster ride of change?

My answer of course is, with astro-affirmations!  So here’s my invitation to you: Start a 21-day practice to gracefully ride the waves of change and uncertainty that Saturn Square Uranus has been instigating. The change is here-to-stay so let’s find a way to flow with it rather than fight against it.

Here are some examples: 

Life is always changing.

I trust myself to go with the flow of life.

I surrender all doubts and fears to the energy that creates worlds.

So let’s get started!

I’ll repeat each affirmation twice and you can either say it after me or take a deep breath in between.

Just click below to access the affirmations: