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Managing your fertility health in winter can be a struggle with the colder weather plus the holiday parties and celebrations, all of which can tax your body and mind. But keeping on track doesn’t have to be hard if you follow some simple steps.

Over the past two thousand years the Chinese have been making seasonal changes to their diet, lifestyle and mindset, and have created guidelines to follow to optimize your fertility throughout the seasons. I found these tips on Andrew Loosely’s website and I just had to share them with you goddesses.

Once you know what to do, it’s easy to harness the changes of winter so you actually feel recharged during the colder months. Plus you can quickly optimize your fertility for the months and year ahead. By taking these 9 easy steps, you will enter the next year with better health and increased vitality making your body more efficient and able to support a healthy conception and pregnancy.

9 easy things to do in winter:

1. Keep extra warm and protect yourself from the cold wind and drafts

Keep your feet, legs and lower back wrapped up well and if any of these areas feel cold, add more clothes or massage the area to get the blood flowing more efficiently. When your body gets cold, it requires more energy to heat itself up and it therefore uses more nutrients, which often depletes reserves.

2. Hibernate and sleep as much as you can

All life slows down in winter and rests. Go to bed earlier, sleep longer hours and try to get up after the sun rises wherever possible. You might feel sluggish in winter but you’ll feel totally rejuvenated in spring! Winter is a time for reserving energy and a time to snuggle up and enjoy the long restful nights over the coming months.

3. Eat warmer foods and avoid lighter summer foods

Increase your protein intake to generate more energy and keep warm, and specifically eat more protein in the luteal phase of your cycle (second half – after ovulation). Avoid lighter food and cold food and drink right from the fridge. For more tips for eating right to optimize your cycle check out the Yoga Goddess Om & Yum Meditation series.

4. Eat lots of winter fertility foods

Eat non-starchy vegetables such as: beetroot, Jerusalem artichokes, leeks, sweet potatoes, carrots and lots of dark green vegetables such as kale. Some winter fruits to eat are: apples, pears, rhubarb and pomegranate. Eat hearty homemade Stews and broths like lamb or beef based. For vegetarians eat vegetable stews and broths and add eggs as a source of protein. Add herbs and spices like: garlic, ginger, chili, pepper, cardamom, cloves, anise, and cinnamon (try to use Saigon cinnamon if possible) – but all in small warming quantities.

5. Avoid alcohol

As much as it’s nice to have a drink during celebrations, try to keep it to an absolute minimum and ideally no alcohol at all. Alcohol will deplete your nutrient base and compromise your immune system. It’s a stimulant and in winter your body is trying to rest.

6. Reduce unnatural lighting as much as possible

Use candles if you don’t need the light on and if you have the luxury of a real fire, then use that too. Firelight is relaxing and calms the mind and reduces stimulation allowing you to stay in a deep relaxed state.

7. Reflect on the past year and dream of plans for the year ahead

But do it in a relaxed way that doesn’t over-stimulate your mind.

8. Decrease stress

Relax, sleep lots, read books and watch lots of calm and happy movies and feel as if you’re indulging yourself by relaxing.

9. Enjoy time with your friends and family

Stay at home or find calm, soothing environments where you can talk, relax and enjoy your time together.