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Did you get a chance to take the “How Sexy Are You?” quiz? I designed it to help you see where you sit on the spectrum of participating fully in your own sexual nature. (If you missed it, you can take it HERE.)

Now we get to the fun stuff: beginning to amp up your sexiness!

Now as you’re probably pretty aware, our culture has a lot of stereotypes around men’s vs. women’s sexuality. Many of us were raised with the message (consciously or subconsciously) that “good girls” don’t like sex, or that being sensual means being a slut. So many women feel discomfort or even shame around the way they relate to sex, to their partners, or to their own bodies.

One thing I want you to know: your sex drive is yours, a sacred gift, part of what makes you magically female, and it’s your privilege to explore it. No matter what you scored on the quiz, if you want to you can inhabit your sensuality more than ever before.

Are you ready to uplevel your experience of sensuality and discover how deliciously juicy it can be to be you?

There are three particular ways you can relate to your sensuality:

  1. How confident you feel about being sexy and flirtatious
  2. How you relate with your partner
  3. How good you feel in your body

Which area do you feel most at home in? Which feels most intimidating? Whatever your answers, congratulations–just by considering these questions, you have begun the journey into experiencing your sensual self in a whole new way!

3 Affirmations to Amp Up Your Sexiness

Below are three affirmations that can help you change how you relate to yourself and your sensual nature. Choose the one–or more–that resonates with you most, make that your mantra for the next few days, and see how your awareness of yourself begins to shift.

If you don’t feel fully confident and comfortable in your sexuality:

It is fun and safe for me to be a beautiful, sexual, powerful woman – Yes!

If you struggle around intimacy with your partner:

I allow intimacy to arise naturally. I surrender and let my partner care for me and my needs. – Yes!

If you want to feel great in your body:

My body is beautiful, strong, sexy, and vital. I open myself to give and receive pure pleasure. – Yes!

You can repeat these affirmations first thing in the morning, last thing at night, or whenever you have two minutes throughout the day. Take a moment to presence what you are saying and feel your energy shift into a more vibrant, open sensuality.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’re able to change the way you feel about your body, your partnership, and yourself as a sensual being.

The journey has just begun. 

Next up in the series: Who Do You Admire?

Love and delight,