What you need know if you have a hormone imblalance

Every year I get together with all my cousins for our annual Haji Family BBQ. This year, I noticed my niece Sabrina had acne, facial hair and extra weight – all the signs of polycystic ovarian syndrome, also known as PCOS.

So I asked her mom if she had a hormonal imbalance and surprise, surprise, she said yes. Sabrina was diagnosed with abnormal testosterone and put on the birth control pill since she was a teen.

When I told my friend whose a Naturopathic Doctor about my suspicion of Sabrina having PCOS she confirmed that in many cases MD’s don’t properly diagnose polycystic ovarian syndrome. More importantly they don’t actually know how to treat it, which is why the most common prescription offered to young girls with heavy and painful periods related to PCOS (or endometriosis) is the pill.

Why the pill makes hormonal imbalance worse

The worst thing is a young woman like Sabrina, whose in her early 20’s could be taking steps to reduce the toxicity in her body by eating the right foods, and reducing exposure to environmental toxins and proactively correcting this hormonal imbalance way before she starts thinking about having kids. But instead, her doctor is actually making the problem worse by giving her a hormonal contraceptive which not only leaves her high testosterone production unaddressed, it compromises her long-term fertility.

And in case you didn’t know, when you’re on the pill you don’t ovulate. So theoretically, a girl who is put on the pill when she is 16 and who isn’t ready to have a baby until her 30’s could have spent half her life (from age 16 – 31), and almost all her childbearing years NOT ovulating.

Add to that a hormonal imbalance that was never treated and how high do you think her chances of getting pregnant naturally will be when she starts trying in her 30's?

The good news is there is hope!

Sara CelikMeet my friend Dr. Sara Celik, Naturopath and Master Homeopath. I met Sara over 5 years ago over a chai and chat, and now Dr. Sara is part of a team of doctors and professionals at Elements Wellness + Medispa in Toronto and regularly appears on major Canadian media networks like CTV & Global News. She is also one of the leading detox experts in Canada.

Dr. Sara has literally helped hundreds of women with hormonal imbalance through her new organic tea detox kits from LoseIT Tea. When I heard how effective detox is for improving fertility, I asked her if she would offer a free training for my Yoga Goddess community and I'm so excited to report she said Yes!

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