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Why can’t I get pregnant?
Learn how to nourish and restore balance to your reproductive health with these 5 fertility secrets from the Yoga Goddess. Prepare mind and body for your miracle.
Success Stories
IVF is an emotionally, physically and financially stressful process. BUT it’s also a blessing for so many deserving parents who wouldn’t otherwise be able to have a child.If you’re going down the IVF road then there’s no doubt you’re committed to having a family. And you obviously want to do everything in your power to ...
Yoga Goddess Testimonials
“There is an unconscious, bubbling, collective desire to rediscover the magic and innate wisdom of womanhood, but we don’t have the words for it yet. It is still an almost unnamed desire and yearning.”
- Zahra Haji
Yoga Goddess is whole-heartedly committed to reconnecting women with their fertility and sensual femininity. Through yoga and meditation and a return to the feminine, our programs reveal the innate wisdom of the female body. This is knowledge that opens the gateway to your fertility, sensuality and intuition as a woman.

When you step into your feminine energy with Yoga Goddess you will:

Find calm, stress-relief and peace
Heal reproductive health challenges like issues with fertility, painful or missing periods, pms, low libido and more
Create a stronger connection to your sensual self and to nature
Feel more beautiful and in sync with your body
Learn to play with your goddess energies